Build Helper Maven Plugin

The new Build Helper Maven plugin is available for Maven users. It can help you manage versioned artifacts within projects, and has support for ODL Parent 4. The latest version of this plugin requires Maven 3.5.3. SpotBugs support has also been included. This tool is particularly useful in cases where your build process is producing false-positives.

Build Helper Maven Plugin can also help you achieve minimum configuration. It can add the test directories to your POM, and it supports Maven 3 and earlier. You should use version 3.3 to get the most benefit from the plugin. This plugin is available as a free download. It is also available from the official website. To avoid compatibility issues, make sure you download the most recent version. Once you download the latest version, you can try it out by downloading the free trial version and comparing it to the one available for download.

You must have a Java EE project in order to use this plugin. It is important to specify the naming convention of your project. The build helper plugin can recognize Java EE project namespaces. A Java EE project named webapp will be referred as webapp. This plugin can be used for managing a variety of projects. It can also be used to manage projects that have a central version management system.

Another important advantage of build helper Maven plugin is that it can create and display dependencies, allowing you to view your dependencies visually. A dependency plugin will allow you to view your dependencies in a transitive dependence graph. It can also create a project’s POM. You can manage your dependencies with ease. There are many other benefits of this plugin. It can be used to build Maven projects and resolve remote artifacts problems.

Build Helper Maven Plugin
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