BurnsBerg Kennels Review

BurnsBerg Kennels is a top choice when it comes to Siberian huskies breeding. This kennel is a high-end one. It offers ten acres of fenced property, a spring-fed pen, and climate-controlled kennel. All dogs are DNA-certified. You can read more about the history of the BurnsBerg Husky and the features that make it a great choice for a puppy.

Jodi Ross, owner of BurnsBerg kennels, is hosting a reunion in August. She’s inviting all those who have bought a Burns Berg puppy from her. There will be 120 huskies at the reunion. The facility is fenced and provides plenty of space for the huskies to exercise. There are two ponds that can be used for swimming or sledding. The kennel is close to Lake Huron so your Husky can enjoy fresh air.

Burnsberg Kennels takes pride in treating its dogs as family members. All dogs are fed non-kibble grain and receive yearly AKC inspections. AKC registered, they also receive a blanket with their mother’s scent. The kennel offers a two-year guarantee on health and a waiting list for future litters. You can even choose your favorite puppy! It’s difficult to find a better place for a new member of the family!

The health care provided by Burnsberg kennels is unsurpassed. Its in-house health laboratory uses state-of-the-art medical equipment. A dietician from Purina creates meal plans for all the dogs. The breeder also has three spacious playgrounds for the dogs. The prices are reasonable. You can purchase puppies starting at $1,000. Burnsberg Kennels is the best place to find a Husky to commemorate a special occasion.

BurnsBerg Kennels Review
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