Business Ghostwriters – Is BusinessGhost Dead?

Mark Cuban, the co-founder of Blackstone Group, is out of business ghostwriting company BusinessGhost. While he loves the concept of ghostwriting, he doesn’t like the changing publishing climate and thinks that scaling the company is unlikely. While he enjoys many aspects of the company, he doesn’t think it is feasible to take on the business in 1995. Instead, he wants to explore fundamental changes in the publishing world. Even Michael Levin, who left the pitch without a deal, is unsure of his future with the company.

After appearing on the Shark Tank Show, Michael Levin decided to pursue writing. He published three novels, including one with Simon & Schuster, by age 32. At that point, he had already made a name for himself as a writer and was considering teaching private classes for $150 per student. He eventually went on to teach at New York University and the University of California, Los Angeles, and ghostwrote books for his students. A few years after his appearance on Shark Tank, his company BusinessGhost was acquired by Advantage Media/Forbes Books.

As a startup, BusinessGhost is still a viable option for many entrepreneurs looking for ghostwriting services. While they no longer offer the full range of services they offered in the past, Levin’s staff is available to write memoirs and strategic business guidelines. In the past, BusinessGhost had competition in the form of Girl Friday Productions, estocada, and IntegrityBusiness Consulting. Its valuation was $2 million during the pitch, but isn’t clear whether it will be sold. In addition to ghostwriting services, BusinessGhost offers publishing assistance and cross-promotion opportunities.

Among BusinessGhost’s competitors, a number of freelance writers were hired by the company to write mini-books for clients. Their writing fee for a 50-page mini-book was $2400. The price range was a bit higher than its competitors. This acquisition is a sign that the company is growing and needs more help. But for now, the service remains a viable option for many. The website is still available for people seeking ghostwriting services.

Aside from freelance writers, the company has begun hiring writers for its ghostwriting services. The freelance writers will receive a $1500 payment for a 50-page mini-book and $2400 for a 100-page mini-book. This is a huge milestone for a ghostwriting company whose services were acquired by a major media company. While the service is still in operation, it is not for sale and is available for the public.

In addition to ghostwriting services, BusinessGhost is hiring writers for clients in all categories. While the company is relatively new, the team has produced more than 40 books for their clients. The team has also worked with a number of prominent authors in the world of fiction. Some of these are New York Times best-selling authors. The company is a perfect example of the power of a Ghostwriting service. If you need a book written, it has the potential to be an incredible tool for your company.

The website for is currently fully functional. Although it has changed ownership, Levin’s staff will still be available to write memoirs and strategic business guidelines for clients. While the company has acquired the website, the site is still active. Some of its competitors include Girls Friday Productions, estocada, and Integrity Business Consulting. The company was valued at $2 million at its pitch, but the exact amount has not yet been released.

Michael Levin was the co-founder of a successful ghostwriting company. He has authored over 100 books and several best-selling books. His website is now fully operational. The company has since been bought by Advantage Media. Its competitors include Girl Friday Productions, estocada, and Integrity Business Consulting. While the business was sold to Forbes Books, its value remained at $2 million. In Season 3, Michael Levin pitches his service on Shark Tank.

The Business Ghost has also hired freelance writers. These ghostwriters are paid $1500 per fifty-page mini books. The company is a good sign for anyone looking to hire a writer. However, it’s important to know that the business ghostwriters that are hired for Ghostwriting have an extremely high rate of success. It has a long list of clients, including Zig Ziglar, and it is a very profitable venture for him.

Business Ghostwriters – Is BusinessGhost Dead?
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