Car Riders at South Lincoln Elementary School

For a child who rides the car everyday, they should have a note written by their homeroom teacher that tells their teacher when to pick them up. Parents should line up outside the Primary Building and wait for a staff member to call their child’s name. The rider must also sign in at the main office to ensure that they are signed in. In some cases, it is possible for parents to take turns picking up their child.

For those who have multiple kids who ride the bus to and from school, it is a good idea to have a note with your child’s name on it. If you don’t, your child will be placed on the bus. The car rider should also stay in the car for the first half hour of school. Then, if there is an emergency, the staff will come out to verify the ID of the parent. Regardless of the time of day, it’s best to have a note handy to avoid confusion.

Once your child is ready to ride the bus, make sure to display the number of the car rider on a sheet of paper. It is also helpful to have the number on hand at all times. A car rider who doesn’t have the number on hand will have their child put on the bus and could be pulled from the bus without their permission. If you don’t have a sheet, it will take longer to get the child to school.

The car rider protocol has been developed after many consultations with the District Police. It requires parents to enter their cars curbside and wait for them to leave the parking lot before they pick up their child. This prevents parents from crossing the bus lane when their children are in the car. Moreover, the students’ safety is a top priority at South Lincoln. There’s no room for fear of losing a child to a fever!

The car rider should enter the school through the Osborne Drive and follow the designated boarding area. The car rider should keep their car rider tag visible every day. It is also important to be in the loop for the pick-up line and the bus. There are many parents who have already provided a note. If an emergency occurs, a parent should contact the District Police. The student should then be redirected to the gym or another safe place.

During dismissal, parents must form a single line. This is the car rider lane for parents. In the car rider line, students must be placed on the passenger side of the bus. It should not cross the school bus lane or the pickup lane. However, it is important for the driver to know the lane for their child. It’s crucial for safety. When it comes to children in the car, the first step is to make sure that they know what the car rider procedure is.

It’s important to know the rules and procedures for car riders. Remember that the car rider number stays the same during their entire time at the school. The number is a key piece of information when it comes to picking up a child from school. The school district’s dismissal procedures for car riders are very detailed and complicated. While the car rider number can be confusing, the school district is doing a great job of keeping them safe and on the same page with you.

During the school day, car riders should not cross the bus lane. The car rider line is a separate line where parents and students must drop off and pick up their children. The car rider line can be confusing, but the staff at the school will be able to help you with this. The best way to keep car rides at South Lincoln is to read the rules and procedures. It is important to remember that this procedure is very clear.

In South Lincoln, all parents must have a car rider number for their child. The number is permanent and stays the same for the entire student’s time at the school. The staff matches the numbers to the students. To pick up a child, a parent must display the sheet with the kid’s rider number on it, and it should be a large and dark sheet. This is a vitally important rule for car riders and parents at all times.

Car Riders at South Lincoln Elementary School
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