Car Show New Canaan

New Canaan: Caffeine and Carburetors Car Show

The Caffeine and Carburetors Car Show in New Canaan has grown to attract hundreds of cars and thousands of attendees. It is so popular that the local police no longer have the resources to manage traffic control. The event’s founder, Doug Zumbach, owner of the eponymous coffee shop, asked for permission to use Waveny Park as a temporary venue.

The park is a great location for the show. The park can hold up to 1,000 people, as well as two or three officers. However, the town can only afford to send two or three police officers downtown. Despite the small population, Zumbach has always paid for additional officers. The commission approved the event via videoconference with a 11-0 vote. The public is welcome to attend the car show. You must register on the event’s website, or pay $1 admission.

The town will not have enough police officers to staff the event. The park is a very contained location. Two to three officers could easily be assigned to the event by police. Zumbach stated that this would not be enough. It is not safe to hold the event in downtown. The Parks & Recreation Commission approved the event via videoconference, and voted 11-1 for it. If you have a classic or antique car, you’ll want to attend this show.

The park is temporary. The town’s planning board unanimously approved the show’s continuation, but it is currently in limbo. It’s a temporary trial. The park is so contained that police could only staff the event with two or three officers. This is a crucial point for the mayor as well as the town. If the event is held downtown, however, the town will need more officers to ensure public safety.

The Caffeine and Carburetors car show is held in the park on a single day. This is a trial run, and will only be held once. The park is very contained. The police usually only need two to three officers to protect the town. But, the park is also far from downtown, so this is an exception. While the town still does not have enough police officers to staff six large car shows, the park is a safe and relatively inexpensive venue for the show.

Another popular car show in New Canaan is the Caffeine & Carburetors Car Show. It honors the Great Gatsby era. The Caffeine & ‘Burgeretors’ event has been in town for the past few years and was a huge hit, attracting hundreds of participants. There are two other shows in the town, the Caffeine ‘Caffeine and Carburetors’ and the ‘Caffeine and Carburs’ event.

The town will host two additional car shows in the park, in addition to the Caffeine and Carburetors car display. The Caffeine & Co. car show will be held in the park on Oct. 19. It is a trial event, meaning it will only be held once. The park is a very small space and two or three police officers could effectively staff the event. The Caffeine ‘C’ car show is held in downtown New Canaan.

While the Caffeine & Carburetors car show in downtown New Canaan is a one-time trial, police have never been a problem. The event, which is free and open to the public, is free. The organizers expect the event to be a huge success and attract a large number of people. If successful, the car show will be a staple in the community.

The Caffeine & Carburetors Car Show has become a fixture in New Canaan. The popular antique and specialty car show, held every year since 2010, has been a popular event in the town. Doug Zumbach, the founder of the coffee shop, has made the event relatively trouble-free in past years. Despite the difficulties, the Parks & Recreation Commission approved the event via videoconference.

Car Show New Canaan
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