Car Wash Woodland Hills

Car wash Woodland Hills is located in the city of Woodland Hills, California. This business is owned and operated by Carlos and Guille Menjivar. They have been serving the community for more than 20 years, and have been known for providing friendly service and excellent results. They offer 24 month and 24,000 mile warranties for their work. The Menjivar family also supports local charities and is active in the local community. In addition to their business, Carlos and Guille are involved in the community through the American Youth Soccer Organization and the Greater Van Nuys Rotary. They are also active in church and the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Women’s Professional Forum.

The exterior of the car is cleaned by hand using premium wash & wax soap. Inside, the customer’s vehicle receives a deep interior vacuum cleaning. The center console, door jams, cup holders, and wheels are all wiped clean. Tires are cleaned as well, and a 100% Carnauba hand wax is applied to protect them from the sun. The car is then rinsed with high-pressure water, and the car shines.

All cars at a car wash Woodland Hills location are hand-washed with premium wash & wax soap. The interior is vacuumed and the dash, cup holders, and wheel wells are also cleaned. Dress tires are cleaned as well. The interior is completely restored with 100% Carnauba hand wax, and carpets, seats, and doors are buffed and conditioned. Afterward, your car is ready to be admired in the driveway.

MobileWashers are vetted professionals who know the latest car washing trends. They are also certified and background-checked to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable. They will take great care of your car, so you can enjoy the sunshine in your backyard. The team at MobileWash Woodland Hills will take care of your car’s needs and help you make an informed decision about which car wash to choose. All of the MobileWashers are certified, which means that they have passed their quality standards.

At MobileWash Woodland Hills, the car wash uses a premium wash & wax soap to clean cars. The attendants will clean all door jams and cup holders, while the center console and rims will be polished. The entire car will be vacuumed, and the chemicals are applied with special arches. They will also use a 100% Carnauba hand wax to protect carpets, seats, and doors.

A full-service hand car wash includes a thorough cleaning of the exterior using premium wash & wax soap. The interior of the vehicle is vacuumed and the seat, dash, and rims are cleaned with specialized brushes. The vehicle’s interior is treated with a 100% Carnauba hand wax. During the complete service, the attendant will polish the wheels and vacuum the interior. The tires are cleaned with a special shampoo.

Besides the exterior hand wash, MobileWash provides a thorough interior clean, including the carpets, doors, and dash. The technicians will also clean the inside of the vehicle by using a 100% Carnauba hand wax. They will apply a gloss finish to the car with this wax, and then wipe it down with a towel. This process will not only leave the vehicle looking shiny and smelling fresh, but will also leave it smelling great.

During the exterior hand wash, the car is sanitized with premium wash & wax soap. The interior is cleaned by vacuuming all the door jams, the center console, and cup holders. The wheels and dress tires are cleaned by a machine using 100% Carnauba hand wax. The entire interior is hand-waxed using a 100% Carnauba wax. A high-quality car wash is a necessity for a car’s appearance.

The service is offered at several locations in Woodland Hills. Typically, the process takes about a half hour. After the exterior hand wash, the MobileWashers will clean the interior of the vehicle with a premium wash & wax soap. Afterwards, they will vacuum the seats and the interior of the vehicle. In addition to this, they will also clean the rims and dress tires. Then, 100% Carnauba hand wax is used to restore the exterior of the vehicle.

Car Wash Woodland Hills
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