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Carmelo’s is located in the historic Imperial Theater, 1544 Dekalb Ave at the corner of Irving Ave. Carmelo’s was once a popular destination for tailors. The ambiance is authentically New York. While you watch the Brooklyn Nets play at Barclays Center, you can enjoy a delicious burger and a glass wine. Continue reading to learn more.


Carmelo Piazza, a Brooklyn science teacher, has been teaching science for almost two decades. He taught elementary school students at PS 261 for sixteen years and soon realized how beneficial science can be for encouraging young people to pursue other areas of study. He opened Cosmic Cove in 2005 and began to teach science programs that were both fun and interactive. Cosmic Cove now has several locations in the city and has been featured in The New York Times twice. Cosmic Cove offers after-school and summer programs as well as birthday parties, science camps and mini-camps.

Since the opening of Carmelo’s, the bar has grown into a more chill and friendly environment for the neighborhood. On weeknights, the bar is generally empty, though there are still some bad hookups. Eventually, they move to neighboring Bushwick. Despite its popularity, the bar’s interior remains unchanged from when the original location opened six years ago. The first floor is home to cheap cocktails, large lava lamps, and a few arcade games.

The Knicks’ inaugural season under Kris Walsh saw the signing of Carmelo Tony. Fans were eager to bring him home after the Knicks’ absence from the playoffs. Although the Knicks’ move to Brooklyn was a disaster, it didn’t stop the rumors. Despite the poor season, Carmelo’s contract was extended to a maximum of $65 million.


The Brooklyn Nets are currently in the middle of a controversy over Kyrie Irving’s COVID-19. The star point guard was unable to attend the Brooklyn Nets’ media day in Brooklyn due to local protocols. He was one of few NBA stars to voice doubts about the COVID-19 vaccination. The Nets have three games remaining against the Portland Trail Blazers and hope to field a team for their Christmas Day showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers.

James Dolan, the owner of the Knicks has taken steps to ensure his players are protected from the disease. He has completed a self-isolation program, and is not showing any symptoms. He was urged to carpool with other parents. In the meantime, volunteers will support the school’s children during library time, lunchtime, and art classes. But he’s still worried that the disease will strike other NBA players.

The LA Lakers are among the most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Five NBA players have been in the NBA’s health protocols since Wednesday. Dwight Howard, Talen Horton Tucker and Talen Howard-Tucker have been cleared. Frank Vogel, the Lakers’ head coach, is still subject to the protocol. Anthony addressed the situation following the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss against the Spurs on Christmas. The Lakers have lost three of their last four games, and they hope to avoid a four game losing streak.


Carmelo’s Brooklyn is located at 1544 Dekalb Ave. The business is close to the DeKalb Avenue subway stop. There are many restaurants in Brooklyn, but Carmelo’s is the most renowned for its quality. It is one of the city’s most popular spots for Italian food. It has been in operation for 32 years. One person works there. It offers both casual and gourmet Italian cuisine.

The original location can be found in the former Imperial Theater building. This was a popular area for mobsters. Now, Carmelo’s Brooklyn location is open to the public. The Brooklyn location still has the old mobsters, but there’s a new menu. Despite its retro vibe, Carmelo’s has a large arcade with many games. You will need to bring your own cash.

Founded by Carmelo Piazza, the Brooklyn Preschool of Science offers science experiments and art classes. Children are encouraged to explore the world around them and learn through discovery. Preschools teach math and language skills. They make science fun. The atmosphere encourages curiosity and makes learning fun. This location offers classes in art and music, as well as science education. Carmelo’s doesn’t have gender-based stereotypes so it’s great for families with children.

Drink specials

If you’re looking for a great place to drink in Greenpoint, you’ve found it! Carmelo’s Brooklyn owners have a fun, two-storey bar that offers happy hour specials from 9pm to 9pm. These deals include beer at $2, cocktails at $4, and wine carsafes at $14. They also have a pool table. There’s no cover charge, and it’s cash only.

Carmelo’s Brooklyn’s interior design is very retro, with Tiffany lamps, wood panel walls, and plants. It is located near the DeKalb Ave. station (Canarsie Line). It was once a tailor destination for mobsters, and has an upscale, old-fashioned feel. The drinks are strong and there is a great atmosphere. The bar has a nostalgic feel, but it’s modernized.

Buying a gift card

Buying a gift card from Carmelo’s is a unique way to show your love and appreciation for your loved one. Not only do they make great tortillas, but they’re also a loyal friend. A Carmelos gift card is $6 and can be customized, too! The best part is that you can personalize it with your own message, too! Just be sure to choose a card that matches your gift recipient’s personality!


You can send someone a money-off GiftRocket through email and have it delivered to them at Carmelo’s. You can also print out the GiftRocket yourself and have it delivered to your loved one, instead of giving them a traditional gift card. Unlike gift cards, a GiftRocket can be sent to anyone in the US, even the person who’s not able to visit the restaurant physically.

Carmelo’s Brooklyn
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