Ts Madison Net Worth

Madison rose to fame after posting a Vine clip featuring her dancing naked – challenging mainstream understandings of gender presentation and its correlation to sexuality.

Madison has since appeared in multiple projects, including 2022 movie Zola and her hit ALLBLK show Hush. Additionally, Madison owns and runs her own distribution company called Raw Dawgg Entertainment for transgender materials.

Early Life and Education

Madison was born and raised in Miami, Florida as part of a traditional family. She attended Southridge Senior High School. Unfortunately, no details about her family and siblings have been disclosed by Madison herself.

She quickly rose to fame in the entertainment world after posting a Vine video of herself dancing naked, which went viral and brought instant recognition.

She is renowned as both an activist and entertainer in her field, changing how people view transgender people and their bodies. Additionally, she has appeared in movies such as Zola and Bros.

Madison earns significant sums of money from adult film business. She runs Raw Dawgg Entertainment which distributes transsexual content, in addition to making money off sales of books and appearances on shows.

Professional Career

Ts Madison has gained immense respect through her unapologetic acceptance of her transgender identity, garnering her an ever-growing following. Additionally, she has distinguished herself in entertainment via acting roles and hosting television shows; Renaissance by Beyonce proved an enormously popular show during its run; Ts is committed to increasing representation within LGBTQ communities and hopes to see further participation therein.

Madison has long championed LGBT issues and runs her own company that produces and distributes transsexual content. Additionally, she published an autobiography.

RuPaul quickly recognized TS’s genuine authenticity and cast her on Drag Race, where her balancing notes have elevated contestants while expanding its audience. Additionally, she has extended her reach into television by appearing or judging multiple reality TV projects; additionally she has released singles and videos under her own name.

Achievement and Honors

Ts Madison is one of the world’s best-known transgender entertainers and advocates for LGBT community rights alongside acting. Her courageous approach and unabashed acceptance have set an example for others like herself. In addition to acting, Ts is known for advocating on their behalf.

Madison started by appearing in amateur erotic videos before creating Raw Dawgg Entertainment to produce and distribute adult transgender materials. She hosts a podcast as well as writing an autobiography.

Ts Madison has been an esteemed judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race since season 13. Her humorous personality and sharp wit have garnered her a loyal fan base, while she has also featured in various other television shows and movies like Zola and Bros.

Personal Life

Ts Madison is a tireless supporter of transgender rights and is often seen at LGBTQ Pride parades. Additionally, she hosts a podcast and can be found appearing in music videos. Additionally, Ts is currently serving on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a judge panel member as well as appearing as part of the TV show Hush.

Ts also runs her own entertainment company, Raw Dawgg. Her work with Raw Dawgg’s series Transgender People and Experiences has greatly changed how people view transgender people and experiences in general.

Ts has never married, but she does have a partner – bisexual music artist KVNG DAVID who she began dating in 2017. Since 2017, they have been together. Ts regularly speaks out against racism, sexism and other forms of inequality as she remains unapologetic about her background and worldview; thus becoming an advocate for those typically marginalized in society.

Net Worth

Ts Madison first gained recognition through her presence on Vine. A viral video titled ‘New Weave 22 Inches’ catapulted her into fame, opening up many opportunities.

She established herself as a prominent transgender model and actress. Additionally, she hosted her own reality show and made appearances in movies such as Zola and Bros.

Madison is an advocate for LGBTQ issues, running a company to distribute trans-sexual materials.

She has written and published several books. Additionally, she has appeared in music videos, participated in pride parades, was a rotating judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and her iconic voice can be heard on Beyonce’s Renaissance album.

Ts Madison Net Worth
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