Cazenovia, New York Weather

Cazenovia, New York weather is moderately cool. There are 3.3 months when the temperature is below 38 degrees F. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 15degF and an average temperature of 29degF. The graph below shows hourly average temperatures and how they vary throughout the year.

September weather in Cazenovia, NY is usually mild. September’s average temperature is 74°F during the day and 53°F at night. There are days when the sun does not rise or set. These days have lows of 15degF, and highs of 29degF.

Cazenovia experiences significant seasonal variations. The average rainfall in September is 3.4 inches, while that in February is only 0.8 inches. However, the water temperature can vary significantly throughout the year. Cazenovia’s climate can be avoided if you prefer to avoid extreme heat and cold.

Cazenovia’s climate is influenced by the location and elevation. Temperatures in Cazenovia will vary from those of nearby cities. The sun will rise and set on March 13, and the moon will rise on April 27. The first spring blooms will likely appear around April 27. It is rare to see flowers before that date.

Summers in Cazenovia are generally warm, with temperatures ranging from 14degF to 79degF. Winters are cooler with temperatures rarely dropping below 3 degrees F. The coolest month is March. The July average high is 78 degrees F, while the average low in July is 58 degrees.

Cazenovia, New York Weather
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