Charlie Morningstar Gets a New Design for the Hazbin Hotel

charlie morningstar gets a new design for the hazbin hotel 52568

A24 has picked up the adult animated series Hazbin Hotel for a 2020 premiere. The series will follow Charlie Morningstar, a demon princess and daughter of Lucifer. She hopes to bring the demons in Hell to repentance. In order to do this, she opens a hotel that offers repentant demons a place to stay. Each month, new images are released by the show.

The new designs are not meant to be a reflection of the changes made to the actual show’s content, but they are intended to give fans a better idea of how their favorite characters will look. The crude humor of the Hazbin Hotel has helped the show garner a loyal following, and supporters are hoping that this same humor will be continued in the full series.

Hazbin Hotel fans were delighted to hear that the property was being acquired by a major production company. However, they expressed their concerns about the recent changes to the series. A majority of the characters have been redesigned, with minor changes to their colors and costuming. Niffty has had one major change in her appearance since the pilot: she now wears a frilly apron.

Charlie Morningstar Gets a New Design for the Hazbin Hotel
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