Chicago Bears Schedule 2014

The Chicago Bears are coming into the 2014 season with high expectations. They are a contender for the playoffs. They have a full schedule that includes double-headers against both the Packers and the Saints. They’ll also play the second-place finishers from the NFC East and West. This will be an interesting year. Continue reading to learn more about the Bears’ schedule. Here are some key dates:

The Chicago Bears will look to unseat the Green Bay Packers as the NFC North champions. Their 2014 schedule was announced Wednesday. It ranks 15th in NFL. The Bears’ early games against the 49ers and Packers will set the tone for the rest of the season and likely determine the division. A good schedule is essential for a playoff appearance. Chicago will be able to prepare for this goal by following the 2014 schedule.

The Bears’ defense will be stronger in the NFC with the addition of a new quarterback. The Chicago Bears have one of the best offenses in the league and will be looking to add another piece to their defensive unit. They’ll need to improve on their defense if they want to be successful in the playoffs. If you don’t think the Bears can make the playoffs, you’ll want to consider a different team.

The Bears’ interior defensive line is a bigger concern. Both Will Sutton and Ego Ferguson have raw talent, and they did not improve on their line last season. Still, they’re better than their rookies. They’ll likely rely on Jay Ratliff and Stephen Paea, their veteran punter. All three of these players have shown great potential, but the Bears haven’t made a solid investment in their development.

Chicago Bears Schedule 2014
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