Getting Ready For Your Child’s First Haircut

Child's First Haircut

Your kids will always be your babies. Life has been full of watching them do all kinds of things for the first time. You lovingly remember when they started toddling and talking. They are growing up, and now it is time for their first haircut. Keep just a few simple things in mind and this can be a great experience for you and your child at the sterling barber shop.

Pick A Style

If you can, decide on what type of haircut you want for your child ahead of time. Use online resources for ideas. Get your kid’s input, too, if they have any. Do you want just a trim or do you want to go shorter? If you are having trouble landing on a particular cut or you do not know what is best for your child’s hair type, your stylist can help. There are limitless possibilities. Keep in mind how much time and maintenance you will want to commit going forward.

Prepare Your Little One

Oftentimes, knowing what to expect can help ease anxiety. Try taking your child to your next haircut appointment so they can see what happens and that there is nothing to fear. If that is not possible, explain what the process will be for their first visit and emphasize that it will be quick and easy.

Make It Fun

Make sure to keep an upbeat attitude and your child is likely to mimic that good humor. This can be a part of a fun family outing, maybe involving a treat like ice cream afterward. If they have fun the first time, they will look forward to getting a haircut in the future.

Your child’s first trip to the salon is a memory in the making. Take simple steps to make sure it is enjoyable and relaxing for you and the whole family.

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Getting Ready For Your Child’s First Haircut

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