How To Choose The Best Proxy For Sales Intelligence


Are you looking to succeed in your online venture? Ask yourself; how does your brand add value to clients? How do you strive to meet clients’ needs uniquely? Well, these are some critical questions you need to ask yourself anytime you’re looking to succeed in your business.

With the many related brands available online, you must make your business stand out. Sales intelligence is a powerful tool in the modern-day. It’s the process of analyzing and monitoring information to help sales agents function better in different marketing activities. 

The best way you can benefit from selling your business solutions conveniently is by having prospect data. What follows is a thorough analysis of client information. Such includes customers’ behavior, patterns, and reviews online.

Once you accommodate all the essential data, you can start marketing your goods and services appropriately. You get to target the right clients at the right time and with the right solutions. 

But, you need to know that gathering all this information manually involves many risks and setbacks. For example, when you copy data from a website, the website owner can notice slow traffic. 

As a result, you may be blocked from accessing data. Worse still, the targeted website may feed you with the wrong data. This is very risky because you can end up giving your clients incorrect information. Such may affect your business negatively. 

There are also instances where you may fail to access other data due to geoblocking. So, as a sales representative, what can you do to retrieve the online data you need to enrich your business? And, at the same time, not end up putting your venture in a risk spot?

The solution is with the proxies. More so, you need to choose the best proxy for your sales intelligence. Let’s find out below how you can determine the best proxy.

How Do You Choose The Best Proxy For Sales Intelligence?

1. Prioritize The Use Of ISP Proxy Servers

With the best ISP proxies, you’re guaranteed safety as you conduct any online activity. For instance, you can retrieve relevant sales data to assist prospects better. And best of all, their identity remains hidden. So, they’re fully secured from being banned from websites. 

What are ISP proxies? They’re IPs that originate from service providers. Such types of IPs are hosted on a data center and they give you more security. 

They look more residential compared to the traditional Datacenter IPs. With ISP proxy, you can work on more sites, yet, they can’t detect your web activities. Thus, you can hardly get banned.

With an ISP proxy, you can send a request to access a particular website to retrieve their sales data. Immediately you do this; the proxy server first receives the request. 

What follows is that they do change your IP address before sending it to the targeted website. And, as soon as the website approves, the proxy server sends you back the information. 

Residential proxies are IP addresses that are assigned to homeowners by the ISP. The best residential proxy uses such IP addresses. This is because all the requests sent through these ISPs are unique from those created by regular users.

In fact, it’s through the residential proxy that you can:

  • Monitor market prices on different competitor websites
  • Check and verify whether the ads displayed on your pages are suspicious
  • Create separate social media accounts and still be able to manage them flawlessly

2. Make Use Of Proxy Servers For Data Scraping On Competitors’ Websites

People are now making use of data scraping like never before. It’s no wonder that the worldwide data scraping market is presently worth over $35 billion yearly.

Data scraping is the extraction of information online through the scraping method. Let’s say you’re a sales agent and you want to scrape through a competitor’s website. 

With web scraping, you can carry out this process without any risk or difficulty. You only need to click on the competitor’s website to scrape and then carry out the process. 

Afterward, the data is saved in your system and in any format you like. For example, you may have it in JSON, CSV file, or Excel formats. But, remember that web scraping works better when conducted with the help of proxy servers. Proxy ensures that the scraping happens effectively.

Sales intelligence tools use proxy servers to scrape the web to find relevant information for you. So, when you use both the proxy and sales intelligence, you benefit by obtaining accurate insights. This will help improve your sales remarkably.

3. Attain Unique Information With Real-Time Web Crawler

Do you want to gather public data from e-commerce websites? And, are you looking into real-time web scraping solutions? A real-time web crawler is a user-friendly application that only requires a URL to get you started.

It’s a data collection tool formulated purposely for search engine scraping. It helps you to gather public information from e-commerce websites.

With a real-time crawler, you can search all kinds of information you want from search engines and e-commerce websites. Once you forward a request to the real-time crawler, it starts collecting all the information needed. It gathers information according to your request. 

As soon as the crawler collects all the required info, it sends you back the data in your preferred format. All the necessary actions are conducted under one association. As a result, you attain real-time web scraping solutions. 

The real-time crawler can convey 100% data retrieval success with a premium IP address and backup option.

So, how do search engine crawlers ensure that you attain fresh and relevant data?

They use several rules and algorithms to establish how often a page should be re-crawled. The same rules help the crawlers determine the number of pages on a site that should be indexed. 

For example, a page that keeps changing regularly can be crawled more often than one that’s rarely modified.

Key Takeaways

Do you want to gain valuable online information that will boost your business schemes? Well, things will work better for you when you choose the best proxy for sales intelligence. It helps to know that not every sales intelligence tool can protect its customers from obtaining incorrect data. 

So, if you don’t use the best proxies with sales intelligence, you’ll be at high risk. This is when many websites can recognize your IP address. 

As a result, they’ll give you inaccurate data. And, no one wants their sales strategies to be sourced on the wrong data. Worse still, you may get banned altogether. 

That’s why it’s critical to find the best ISP proxy. That way, you’re sure to operate safely and benefit incredibly from your online business schemes.

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How To Choose The Best Proxy For Sales Intelligence

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