Everything to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Are you managing a commercial building?

With the ongoing health crisis, your workers’ health is more important than ever. As workers return to their offices, the demand for professional cleaning and janitorial services increases. Offices are now looking for a deeper level of cleaning to ensure workplace safety.

With so many cleaning companies out there, how do you find the right commercial cleaning contractor? What are the key factors to consider before making your choice?

Continue reading below for the answers.

Your Specific Needs

The first thing to consider when searching for a commercial cleaning contractor is your needs. What are your office’s specific cleaning requirements? To get a better answer, look into your business industry.

Are you managing a restaurant with high foot traffic? If so, your cleaning expectations and criteria should be higher.

Establish your cleaning needs before searching for a cleaning contractor. If you own a restaurant, get a proper garbage disposal service.

If you own a retail shop, deep cleaning on your chairs, tables, and floors is a must. Companies need certain cleaning equipment others don’t offer.

Before the cleaning commences, get a building inspection. It allows you to determine the necessary cleaning processes for your commercial space.

The Key Services They Offer

Find a contractor catering to your needs with the appropriate services. Ideally, you will save a lot of time and resources working with a cleaning company offering many services. For starters, most offices look for janitorial services, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

For businesses with heavy foot traffic, high-pressure cleaning is important. The same thing goes for hard floor surface maintenance.

Check if they’re using the latest commercial cleaning equipment and solutions.

Also, since you want to maintain the exterior part of your facility, finding a contractor with landscape maintenance services is a plus. Check out this blog on what to expect from a trusted commercial cleaning company.

Their Staff Training

The quality of their staff is another key factor to consider. Ask about how they train their staff. A trusted contractor will share how they hire, select, and train their personnel.

A good cleaning company will do background checks of their applicants. They will also educate their employees on various regulations, standards, and procedures.

Also, find a company complying with the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting buildings. Hire cleaners using the latest cleaning techniques. You want a contractor following strict safety protocols.

Industry Experience of the Commercial Cleaning Contractor

The contractor’s commercial cleaning experience also plays a crucial role in their quality of services. A cleaning contractor with several years of experience has a distinct edge. The more experience they have, the better they can address challenging cleaning requirements.

Businesses require different levels of cleaning. For example, hospitals demand the highest level of cleaning. In such cases, only certain cleaning companies can meet their rigorous cleaning guidelines.

These contractors must have ample knowledge of cleaning hospitals. They must invest in the right tools to clean surfaces and corners of every medical facility. It includes the waiting rooms, patient rooms, and operating rooms, among others.

Also, check the website of the contractors. Go to the customer feedback section and see what the clients are saying about their work. Read various online customer reviews and take note of the good companies to consider.

In the same manner, list the companies with bad reviews.

Standards and Certifications

With the health of the people in your facility at stake, check the standards and certifications of the contractors. Do they have certifications to show? These are a testament to their service quality.

If you’re looking for medical-grade cleaners, they should understand the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) requirements. They should employ strict standards in their cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Also, it’s wise to hire a cleaning contractor valuing the environment. Find a cleaning company using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Conventional cleaning solutions may come with toxic materials harmful to your surroundings.

In turn, they leave a negative impact on the environment. Thus, pick a company using non-biodegradable products.

Lastly, hire a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor. These things will guarantee your facility’s safety during the cleaning process.

Communication and Customer Service

Even if you find a cleaning contractor using the latest cleaning strategies, guide them with your specific cleaning requirements. Thus, hire a contractor with the right communication skills. It allows them to talk clearly with their clients.

A good cleaning company can explain their plan, down to the smallest details. They can answer any question regarding their cleaning services. They also provide a swift response when you need immediate action.

Moreover, they communicate with clients inquiring about their concerns. A trusted contractor is also transparent with their work. They keep communication logs showing the tasks they completed.

Some cleaning companies use special software to input their cleaning logs. From there, clients can check the logs at any time and track their progress.

One of the marks of a trusted cleaning company is its ability to handle customer support.


Last but not least, consider the costs of cleaning services. Compare the prices of various contractors. Identify the ones offering the best value for money in terms of services.

However, never scrimp on cleaning and sanitizing. At the same time, you shouldn’t overspend. Evaluate the prices and reduce options for contractors.

Boost Your Business in All Aspects

Finding the right commercial cleaning contractor will pay dividends in many ways. It ensures the health and safety of your workers. As a result, they will become more confident and productive.

However, cleanliness is only one of the key areas to cover. It’s always about using a more holistic approach to maintain your company’s safety.

Learn how to boost your business in all aspects. Check out our other blog posts and learn more tips for growing and managing your business.

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Everything to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Contractor
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