Choosing the Right Security System For Your Home

Security System For Home

The latest FBI statistics show that in 2019 there were 6,925,677 property crimes. These include burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

It’s crucial to understand there is a huge difference between a burglar alarm and a home security system. A burglar alarm may frighten an intruder when they break into your home, but they have simple designs and are easy to disarm.

Experienced criminals know law enforcement is unable to react immediately. They could steal your belongings even when the alarm is going off.

A home security system provides complete protection for your property. You can be aware of what is happening at your home at all times when you are in almost any location in the world.

Read on to learn about some essential considerations before investing in a home security solution.

Professional Vs. DIY Security System

There is a video for just about everything on Youtube these days. It’s ok to watch a video if you’re learning how to surf or perform a card trick. But home security is too important.

If you try to install a security alarm system without professional help, you could become a theft victim. Choosing the most suitable security features for your home can be challenging.

Security Coverage

Every property is unique, and you need to be aware of potential blind spots. Burglars are increasingly clever, and leaving areas without security camera coverage is all the encouragement they need.

You also need to know which components you need to protect all of your property. If a thief makes it past your security cameras, you could still deter them with window and door sensors.

Technology evolves constantly, and you could be vulnerable if you are unaware of the latest developments. Professional security services such as ADT installers can help you avoid making mistakes in your home security planning.

Professional Installation and Repairs

You may be a dab hand with electronics, but security systems are complicated. They need to operate 24/7 to provide effective protection, and an installation error could lead to components cutting out unexpectedly.

A professional security system installer provides peace of mind that the system will work at all times. There is the added benefit that if there are any issues, the provider takes care of the repairs.

If you perform a DIY installation, you may have to pay for a specialist to come out and fix problems when they occur. This could be expensive and cost more than letting the professionals install the system from the beginning.

How To Choose a Home Security System

The most important step is to contact an industry professional. There are lots of people claiming to be experts, but many are unqualified. You should only talk with reputable suppliers such as those in this article.

An experienced professional will carry out an initial consultation to find out which security system is best for your needs. Perhaps your home backs onto a wooded area where thieves could conceal themselves.

If you are away on business or vacation during the year, you may need a remote monitoring system. Specialists can ask the right questions that pinpoint the best system for protecting your property at all times of the year.

With the continual advancements in modern technology, there are many options you should consider.

Crucial Security Features

There are basic security packages that offer minimal protection. But if you are looking for premium security for your property, you can choose more advanced features such as those found on an ADT system.


Depending on how much you want to spend, most security packages come with different tiers. The first thing to check is that the touchscreen control panel is easy to operate.

This screen is where you control your system, so it needs to be intuitive.

You’ll also want to be sure there is intrusion detection included in the package. This is a basic element and is more important than video surveillance. Intrusion detection means you’ll know when someone enters your home.

This feature means you can react quickly to alert law enforcement.

A home security system shouldn’t only protect against criminals. Fire, flood, and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning are serious concerns. Your home security devices should detect when one of these disasters occurs.

Early intervention can prevent these problems from causing significant damage to your home. This capability reduces repair costs and keeps your insurance premiums low.

Remote Capability

Your home is most at risk when you are away from your property. Being able to access your security system from your mobile device is essential.

You can buy a system that uses geofencing to turn on your lights and home heating. There is no need to come home to a cold and dark house when the system turns on your devices when you are within a set distance.

More advanced systems also allow you to view video surveillance on your mobile device. This feature allows you to see exactly what is happening in your house when you are not on the property.

Professional Monitoring

If you choose an ADT system, you can also opt for 24/7 professional monitoring. This means you don’t need to keep an eye on your home security yourself.

Trained professionals monitor your home at all times and alert law enforcement when they have any concerns. This option is ideal if you prefer convenience or are regularly out of cell phone coverage areas.

Because security professionals are working at all times, they can react instantly to prevent theft or damage to your home. Although this service costs a little extra, it can be worth it.

Many people prefer to get on with their daily tasks without worrying about criminals breaking into their homes. A professional monitoring service allows them to relax when they are away from their property.

Take Home Security Action Today

Installing a home security system can provide you with welcome peace of mind. There are many benefits when you are in your home, at work, and when away on vacation.

Although there is a cost, it is worth it in the event of an attempted break-in at your property.

If you’ve found this article helpful, be sure to browse our informative lifestyle and technology posts while you’re here.

Choosing the Right Security System For Your Home

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