Colby Covington and Jon Jones Are Roommates at Iowa Central Community College

When asked to comment on Jon Jones’s recent emergence in the UFC, Colby Covington chimed in. They were roommates at Iowa Central Community College. Covington was a Division I All-American wrestling champion. Currently 7-0 in the UFC, Covington recently beat Wagner Silva Gomes in Brazil. They have a history of squabbling and occasionally clashing with each other in the media, including accusations that Jones used performance-enhancing drugs.

Although Jon Jones’ relationship with Covington is not public, he has made comments in the past about the two. While the college isn’t the official site of the UFC, the school has a Twitter account for Covington. Those who follow the MMA news site will be able to read about Jones’ relationship with other UFC fighters. You can also search his name online to find out more about Covington’s history.

Jon Jones and Colby Covington shared a dorm for two years. Colby Covington also had a roommate, Jorge Masvidal. Jorge Masvidal claims that the two used to steal from each other in college. Masvidal believes that if they had met in person, things would have been different. Although the two were roommates, they disagree about their mutual admiration for each other.

Jon Jones has been associated with sports since his school days. He went to Union-Endicott High School in upstate New York, and then continued his athletic career at Iowa Central Community College. He became a top prospect in the UFC through wrestling. Colby Covington was Jon Jones’s roommate at the college. Jon Jones’s college roommate was also his former roommate.

Jones and Covington are now friends. Covington only has two professional bouts, but they have bad blood outside of the ring. Although Covington is a former roommate of Jones, their feud could be the best rivalry in UFC history. It is too early to say who is the best fighter. Both Masvidal and Covington are ready to make a statement in the first round.

Covington, a former wrestler, has become a UFC superstar. He defeated Robbie Lawler in 2015 and is now a contender to win the title. The two MMA fighters were once considered “top-tier” contenders. Their rivalry is far from over, and Covington has fought many champions. Although he has not yet won the title, he will need to win five consecutive fights.

Colby Covington and Jon Jones Are Roommates at Iowa Central Community College
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