Collecting the 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana Error Card

The 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana error card was a popular card in its day. The reprint was released to commemorate the rookie season and was a hit. The football appears to have dropped in a 37-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The player’s stats don’t show any interceptions, but this card features John Taylor, who stumbled behind Fred Marion. The error was due to an airbrushing mistake, and has since been fixed.

Some hobbyists are suspicious that the cards were deliberately misprinted. This is especially true for the ‘the living set’, which was a continuous evolution that required changes to the checklist. Error cards in this set have smaller names, wide variations, and a large number of variations. This makes it difficult to find these rare gems. Nevertheless, collecting them remains a worthwhile endeavor.

Although the 1990 Pro Set is the most popular error card in the 1990s, there are several others that are more valuable. The most notable examples of these cards are the 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana error card and the 1992 Superstars error card. These two cards are highly sought-after by collectors because of their uniqueness and rarity. The Joe Montana card was so popular that the original publisher had to print more. The reprints made the errors more visible. However, some hobbyists do suspect that the ‘the living set’ is a deliberate attempt to make money through the selling of reprints and counterfeits.

The 1990 Pro Set was referred to as ‘the living set’ due to its constant changes in the checklist. As a result, the error cards are more common than the real versions. The ‘the living set’ features a variety of characters, from failed superheroes to the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Despite its popularity, the 1990 Pro sets are less rare than they were in the past.

The 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana error card was a popular choice, with some hobbyists suspecting that it was intentional. It shows Jim Kelly’s passing yards as 3,521, while Joe’s actual yards were only 2,829. The 1990 Pro Set also featured ‘the living set’ was the first to feature a ‘living’ version of the 1990’s ‘living set’.

The 1990 Pro Set was also filled with errors and variations of the cards. Unlike the 1989, this set was a ‘living’ set, so it is incredibly difficult to get a complete collection. Thankfully, you can find these errors in the wild, and they can be extremely rare. Many collectors of these error cards also have limited print runs. The ‘the living’ version is the most valuable.

Another famous 1989 Pro Set error card features Jim Kelly as the head coach of the New York Giants. This card has a limited print run of just forty cards, and is extremely rare. The 1988 Pro Set also features the Vince Lombardi Trophy, ‘the living set’ and Santa himself. Despite the popularity of the 1990 Pro Series, some of the most popular error cards are in the lower price range.

While ‘the living set’ is often cited as an infamous error, it’s not always so obvious. The 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana error card shows Jim Kelly’s passing yards as 3,521. In reality, Montana had only 2,829. The 1990 Pro Set also featured the former head coach of the Bills, Ludwell Denny. Despite the lack of RoY trophy, both of these cards are rare.

There are many more infamous error cards in the 1990 Pro Set. The most famous one is the Joe Montana error card, which shows Jim Kelly’s passing yards as 3,521. The actual number is only two hundred and twenty. Therefore, it’s essential to check the reprints of the cards in order to avoid fakes. You can also check online for other errors. For example, the ‘the living set’ of the 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana is a good example of an erroneous card.

Collecting the 1989 Pro Set Joe Montana Error Card
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