10 Unbeatable College Degree Benefits That Improve Quality of Life

College Degree Benefits

In 2020, over 19 million students attended college in the fall.

Going to college is a fantastic way to develop your skillset, access more job opportunities, and make memories that last a lifetime. Perhaps you’re weighing the pros and cons of going to college as you’re not sure it’s right for you.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the main college degree benefits.

1. Access More Job Opportunities 

One of the main benefits of getting a bachelor’s degree is that it opens more doors for you. By 2027, it’s predicted that around 70% of jobs want education that goes beyond high school education.

So regardless of your industry, it’s wise to attend college so you can access a wealth of job opportunities.

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2. Perfect for Specialized Careers 

It’s no surprise that the job market has rapidly changed over the years. Nowadays, the technology, education, and health sector want individuals who have college experience. For instance, nurses must have the right college degree and training before they can become a registered nurse.

But don’t worry if you’re unsure which industry to go into. Many degrees like English or Philosophy give you valuable skills that you can carry on into law, education, or other sectors.

Further, colleges require several general electives before you choose an Area of Study course. This lets you explore different topics you may never have considered before; fantastic if you’re unsure which degree to choose.

3. Improves Your Marketability 

Currently, around 65% of job openings ask for a bachelor’s degree and 30% require a college or an associate’s degree. This shows that employers want skilled, college-educated candidates to fill their positions.

Further, aside from improving your industry-related knowledge, you learn valuable soft skills over the four years such as leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These are all great additions to your job application especially if you haven’t had any real-life experience yet.

4. Promises Economic Stability 

Employees who have had postsecondary education make up 65% of the total employment. This shows that college-educated candidates have a higher chance of landing a job than high school graduates.

So if you’re worried about job prospects, it’s wise to get a college degree to give you a better chance of starting a lucrative career.

5. Gives You Networking Opportunities

A major benefit of attending college is how it gives you a wealth of networking opportunities.

College students can join many clubs, organizations, and career fairs to meet potential employers. Further, the faculty give students many opportunities like support, mentoring, and career advice to help them find a great entry-level job.

It’s important to note that many jobs aren’t publicly advertised so broaden your network because you never know who has links to well-known companies.

6. Key for Personal Growth

Going to college improves your confidence because you feel a sense of accomplishment once you graduate. College students must put in the hours, become self-starters, and overcome obstacles to receive their degrees. This is especially true for students who already have a family or are juggling multiple jobs while they study.

But you also learn life-long skills such as time management, budgeting, and working with a range of different personalities. Further, you improve your communication skills as you’re expected to give presentations and work as a team, a desirable quality for employers.

7. Get Higher Paid Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees who only have a high school diploma earn $730 a week which compares to graduates who earn $1,200.

This shows having a college degree promises high earning potential which will only increase as you continue up the career ladder.

8. Higher Job Satisfaction 

The research found adults without a high school diploma are twice as likely to be unhappy with their lives than those with a college degree.

College degree graduates are often happier because having a bachelor’s improves their self-esteem, a better shot at landing a great job, and a wider range of career opportunities. Further, having a degree increases your chances of getting a promotion which improves your overall quality of life.

9. Reduces the Risk of Unemployment

Getting a college degree reduces the risk of poverty. In 2019, around 35% of adults in poverty had a high school diploma whereas 14% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

And because college-educated employees get better-paid jobs, they are also more likely to have health insurance coverage compared to those who don’t.

10. Chance to Work Abroad 

Although it’s not always compulsory, getting a college degree is a good idea if you want to work abroad. This is because many countries require a work visa for overseas employees to stay for an extended period and collect a decent income (in some cases, a freelancer wage isn’t enough).

So when you attend college, you not only increase your job opportunities at home but also abroad.

Those Are the Top College Degree Benefits

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the top college degree benefits.

Going to college gives you more job opportunities, broadens your network, and promises higher job satisfaction. Plus, having a college degree reduces the risk of unemployment, promises economic stability, and makes you stand out from competitors.

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10 Unbeatable College Degree Benefits That Improve Quality of Life

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