Common Features of an Enterprise Search Platform

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What are the common features of an enterprise search platform? Enterprise search can be used to present the same content to multiple users. It can also scale to meet the needs of your growing company. However, there are some things you should consider before choosing an enterprise search platform. Read on to find out the key features of leading enterprise search software to look for in 2022. The three most important aspects to consider when choosing an enterprise search platform are listed below. They include data source connectors, Semantic search, and scalability.

Data source connectors

Enterprise search tools should support both custom and third-party data source connectors. This way, they can tailor the system to meet your organization’s needs. They should also have a strong understanding of AI, machine learning, and deep learning to help them make the most of these technologies. However, some tools may not support your data sources. To avoid issues, consider using a platform that can support as many data sources as possible.

An enterprise search platform should be flexible enough to support your company’s needs, ranging from small to large. It should be able to support external features, such as ecommerce, customer service, and more. It should be able to connect and crawl various data sources and handle the data easily. If you don’t need to integrate external data sources, you should consider an enterprise search platform that includes these features.

Connectors are the backbone of an enterprise search platform. They load content from the source system and push it into the search engine. Because the relevancy of information affects the precision of results, data source connectors are essential to an enterprise search platform. In addition to data sources, connectors should also include future data sources. This is particularly important for future indexing sources. If you don’t, you’ll have to write custom connectors for each.

Semantic search

Unlike traditional keyword-based approaches, semantic search technology offers accurate and relevant results for queries, enabling enterprises to get the most relevant information quickly. By providing accurate and relevant results, semantic search enables businesses to make informed decisions, fueling business growth. This article discusses three benefits of semantic search features in an enterprise search platform. Let’s look at each of them and how you can take advantage of them in your own company.

One of the essential benefits of semantic search is improved user experience. It uses Artificial Intelligence to understand the user’s intent, returning relevant results based on a concept match. It can even go beyond keywords to find results based on context rather than keywords. Users expect results relevant to their needs, so this technology can help them achieve that. But how does it improve the search experience?

In an enterprise environment, unstructured data can pose one of the biggest challenges. But by leveraging the power of semantic search, you can retrieve relevant results from large unstructured data sets. The key to producing desirable results from huge unstructured data sets is to tag items based on their context. For example, context reading can have company X or product Y documents. Furthermore, context-sensitive indexing and entity extraction from documents provide additional information to query relevance. By incorporating semantics into your enterprise search platform, you can improve your search experience and achieve desired goals more efficiently.


When selecting an enterprise search platform, one of the most important factors to consider is the system’s scalability. A scalable platform can handle many users and can be easily scaled up to handle increased volumes of data. For maximum scalability, consider a multi-platform, multi-language system. Also, consider its fault tolerance and data safety. There are many ways to evaluate the scalability of an enterprise search platform.

The scalability of an enterprise search platform is essential for the success of an enterprise search solution. The system’s scalability allows it to process increasing users and large amounts of data without causing performance degradation. This feature is significant for large organizations that process millions of records and must avoid affecting query response times. In addition, many enterprise search solutions allow businesses to customize their software to suit their specific needs, which can help cut costs.

In addition to being highly flexible, an enterprise search solution must be future-proof and adapt to new use cases and platforms. A flexible enterprise search solution can easily handle ad-hoc requirements, but creating an engine with future-proof features requires time and resources. A prebuilt search solution can be the best option if a company lacks a dedicated search team. The downside is that the flexibility and scalability of a prebuilt search solution are limited.

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Common Features of an Enterprise Search Platform

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