Contact Information For Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Apts

Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Apts. Flushing, NY: Hdfc, Inc. This business specializes is Individual and Family Services and employs 1 people. It earns $107,546 in sales per year. The business employs 1 people, including one principal. It also offers social services to the community. Below are the contact details of Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Apartments.

Selfhelp/United Help Kissena

You may be in search of a new home and would like to visit Selfhelp/United Help Kisseno in Flushing. This affordable apartment complex features elevators and a five-story building with 70 apartments. Selfhelp/United Help and Douglas Elliman Property Management own and manage the property. Visit the website for more information. For directions, call 4535 Kissena Blvd.

Selfhelp/United Help Kisseno Apts. Hdfc, Inc. is a local company located in Flushing, NY that specializes in senior living. It has been in business for 19 years and generates approximately $503,088 in annual sales. The company employs 1 person at this location. Contact Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Appts. Hdfc, Inc. for more information about their services.

Apartments at 45-35 Kissena Blvd

For those looking for affordable rentals in Flushing, NY, the apartments at 4245 Kissena Blvd might be the perfect choice. This building was constructed in 2000 and has 70 rental units. These units have elevator access, which is a difference from other Flushing properties. The leasing office can help you choose the floorplan that’s right for your needs. To see which floorplans are available, contact the leasing office today!

Living in Flushing, New York comes with some environmental hazards and risk. For example, the climate is warming and most homes experience at least one natural disaster a year. Climate change is one contributing factor to water stress. Historically, 45-35 Kissena Blvd experiences eight significant two-day storms per year, with an average of 2.52 inches of precipitation per storm. These storms are expected to be more frequent in 2050 and the city’s water stress will increase by 22%.

Contact information

The Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Appts. Hdfc is a New York-based organization that primarily operates in the Senior Citizens Center or Association sector. The organization has been in business for 19 years. It employs 1 person. The website for this company provides the name, phone number, and address of the company’s principals. Contact Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Appts. Click here to find Hdfc, Inc.

The Selfhelp/United Help Kissena’s address is 45-35 Kissena Blvd. It is a low-rise building with 70 units. The building is owned by Selfhelp/United Help, and is managed by Douglas Elliman Property Management. If you are interested in learning more about the apartments at 45-35 Kissena Blvd, contact the organization at the phone number below.

Contact Information For Selfhelp/United Help Kissena Apts
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