Covenant Mission Helper and Add-Ons for Shadowlands

Covenant Mission Helper can be used to optimize the placements of your troops and companions on the map. It predicts which units will succeed and which will fail, and it will also change the order of units in your mission. This program also keeps track of how many HP each unit has, and can even predict how well it will do after a battle. To download this program, you need to use the CurseForge client or WoWUp.

In addition to Covenant Mission Helper, you can also use the Command Table Add-on. It simplifies the UI of your Command Table and displays all your missions in a compact format. This add-on can make Shadowlands’ command table more efficient. The Covenant Mission Helper is especially useful for predicting how much health your units will have after combat. This helps you plan your mission effectively, and you can set it and forget it without worrying about wasting time or money.

Once you have a Sanctum, you can open the Covenant Sanctum Report by clicking the Covenant icon on your minimap. This will bring up a list of available Adventures. Once you complete one, you can send your Companions on another adventure. Completed Adventures will have a check mark. You will receive the reward for completing an Adventure. Spend your Redeemed Souls to send your Companions on another adventure.

The Covenant Mission Table Addon is another tool you can use. This add-on will optimize your placement by keeping track of all the drops you have collected. It will also alert you when you are within scanning distance of a rare drop. With the Covenant Mission Table Add-on, you can also keep track of your efforts to get a specific drop. This tool will show you exactly which mobs can drop items.

Covenant Mission Helper and Add-Ons for Shadowlands
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