Coyote Ugly New Orleans

The Coyote Ugly Bar in New Orleans is a safe place for women. This bar has a strict no-touch policy, which prevents any incidents from happening. Staff, including Ty Dunaway, are dressed in outrageous fashion. They also make sure that patrons are respectful of their fellow patrons.

Coyote Ugly bars are so popular that there are hundreds across the country. The girls are all trained the same way, and the same standards apply to all locations. Some Coyotes even travel from bar to bar across the US. You can find a Coyote Ugly in New York or New Orleans.

Coyote Ugly New Orleans is one of the many “bra bars” that began in New York in the 1990s. The atmosphere of these bars was rough and reminiscent of saloons. The women who worked here often spent more time dancing in the bar than pouring shots.

The Coyote Ugly is now a global phenomenon. Other locations include Russia and Ukraine. A new location is planned for Wales. Despite its worldwide expansion, the original New Orleans Coyote Ugly was the first to open in the United States.

Coyote Ugly New Orleans
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