Creative Ways To Promote Your Next Event


Creating an event is fun, but promoting it can be a real task. So here are some out of the box, creative ways to promote and make your next even buzz of the town:

Start With Social Media

Starting from the most basic yet most profitable promotion tool: social media. According to a study, on average a person spends almost around 2 hours daily on social media. That makes it one of the best platforms to promote your event.

Some leading platforms that will be useful are Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat. Facebook also has a special feature where you can create an event by adding all the details along with the “buy ticket” button. On Instagram, you can post behind the scenes and more exciting stories to gather an audience.

Offering Early-Bird Discount

While selling tickets online is the best way to go, you can also offer early-bird discounts to people on social media. Decide on the date of your event and the number of tickets that will be up for it. Now keep aside a few for some early birds and odder them huge discounts. It works as a great incentive for the audience.

Knowing about a discount that they might not get later is tempting. That will also give you a rough idea about where you should lead your marketing from thereon.

Run Competitions And Giveaways

Hosting some competitions and giveaways is also a great idea to promote your event. You can start from Instagram with small contests like “writing the best caption” or “reshare the post” or “answering some question related to the event”.

Such small events will not only inform more people about your event but also help you gain much-needed engagement. Further, selecting and rewarding a winner with free tickets or some gift vouchers will also prove to be a branding activity for your event.

Work With Local Influencers And Ambassadors

Working with local influencers or ambassadors can act as a catalyst in promoting your event. The primary key is to choose the right influencer or ambassador for your event. Asking them to share what they feel, or making reels, or just tweeting about the event will do wonders.

You can also send invites to a few influencers along with small gift tokens. This activity will help you attract a number of attendees from their following. Stats suggest that influencer marketing is 11x more effective than traditional marketing. So, it can help you level up your brand awareness among the audience

Target Your Audience With Ad Retargeting

Several times, visitors come to your page but don’t check out the cart. In such cases using Google ad retargeting can prove to be extremely beneficial. This is because it keeps reminding them about the event which compels them to go back to the website and complete the transaction.

To ensure your ads are attractive enough, create several ads with catchy graphics or taglines, or offers. If done right, ad retargeting on social media works like a charm.

Do Podcasts, Videos, And Livestreams

Another way of promoting your event is to make podcasts or videos about it. In today’s generation, more and more people are shifting to other forms of content except for text. So why not leverage it?

Make a podcast about your event, share details and stories about it. Or make a video and upload it on YouTube – it will help you explore a different audience.

People love to see what’s happening around them and feel involved. So, you can also attract an audience by doing live streams, where you can answer all their queries in real-time.

Hire Mascots For Your Event

Hiring mascots is yet another creative way of promoting your event. In fact, you can also make good use of them during the event. Attendees can take pictures with it and share them over social media using your specially curated hashtag, thus increasing the buzz around your event.

I Hope These Tips Come In Handy In Promoting Your Next Event.

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Creative Ways To Promote Your Next Event

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