Cyberpunk 2077 – I Walk the Line – NetWatch Or Voodoo?

You’ve just started the new quest “I Walk the Line.” The question is: How do you choose between Voodoo Boy, Placide, or NetWatch? Let’s take a look. You’re not the only one having trouble deciding between Voodoo and Netwatch. Many players are wondering the same thing. The following article will help you figure out which side is the best.

I Walk the Line quest

In the I Walk the Line quest in Cyberpunk 2077, you must choose whether to help the NetWatch or the Voodoo Boys. An agent from NetWatch will try to convince your to help the Voodoo Boys. However, your choice will impact the story later. For more information about this quest, read on! Also, keep in mind that the quest contains spoilers.

You start out by completing the M’Ap Tann Pelen mission. Once you’ve completed this mission, head over to the Grand Imperial Mall. The Grand Imperial Mall, or GIM in-game, is enormous. To reach the mall, you will need to follow the waypoint. The mall is surrounded by two Voodoo Boys.

The second part of the mission is “Transmission”, which involves fighting two Voodoo boys. The netrunner will then release V with the data he’s gathered from him. The next mission will proceed as normal, provided you didn’t accidentally kill one of the Voodoo Boy. You can sneak out of the Voodoos if you choose the first option.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Agent will be encountered during the I Walk the Line quest. The outcome of the mission will be determined by the choice to help the NetWatch, or Voodoo Boy. It will also determine whether future actions will favor the NetWatch, or Voodoo boy. Your reputation in the game will be affected by your decision. However, you can always choose to go the opposite way.

In the next quest, you’ll find yourself in a position where you must decide between helping the Netwatch or Voodoo Boys. In the first mission, you’ll be able to help the Netwatch agent, but it’s best to stick to the opposite side. The Voodoo Boys are not as friendly as the Netwatch agent, so you should be careful and not get too close to them.

I Walk the Line vs Netwatch

In Cyberpunk 2077: I Walk the Line, the player faces a tough choice: will you work with the NetWatch or the Voodoo Boys? V will die if we don’t cooperate with them, the Netrunner informs us. Brigitte will be released if we choose the former. We’ll be looking at each of them individually and their roles in Cyberpunk 2077.

You may be curious about I Walk the Line if you are wondering how to play it with a computer. You must be stealthy for the first challenge. You’ll need to meet a few lackeys and learn where they’re going. Those lackeys will also point you in the right direction to enter the city. In addition, you’ll need to duck behind a blue car to avoid getting caught in the act.

During your quest in I Walk the Line, you will meet the Cyberpunk 2077 netWatch Agent. He will reveal to you key information, such as the location of the Voodoo Boys. You’ll also be faced with the decision of whether to be friendly with the NetWatch or Voodoo Boys. These decisions will have an impact on the course of the game.

The Voodoo Boys will be your next encounter in the mission Transmission. Maman Brigitte and Placide are both present. Attacking them gives you a chance to capture the jacket they’re carrying. After that, the NetWatch agent will remove V’s malware. The player can then leave the compound without being attacked by enemies. If the NetWatch agent remains, he will release the prisoners. After completing this mission, V can return to the Voodoo Boys’ den and meet the friendly markers again.

The agent will then introduce themselves and try to negotiate with your. If you’re able to make a deal with him, he’ll remove the virus inside you. He will also give you some information about your opponents. If you’re feeling brave, you can even talk to the agent and get him to negotiate a new deal. This is a crucial step in the game.

I Walk the Line vs Voodoo Boys

Cyberpunk 2077’s I Walk the Line mission requires that you make a critical decision: to fight the NetWatch agent, or to side with the Voodoo Boys. Your actions will have an impact on the story, depending on which option you choose. You may also want to grab the Bully mod while you’re out of the room. This quest can be challenging so make sure you read the entire description.

The Transmission mission begins after you have completed I Walk the Line, where you must call Maman Brigitte. You will be met at the chapel by her and must follow her to the crypts. You will need to take a bath but any conversation will not affect the transmission. Once you’re inside, you’ll be jacked into the Voodoo Boys’ data fortress.

The Transmission quest is your next mission. The Voodoo Boys will surround you, and you must sneak through them. The boss Placide will confront you. To advance to the next mission, you will need to defeat Placide. After that, a NetWatch agent will remove V’s malware and free the NetWatch agents. After the NetWatch agent kills Placide, he’ll give you an opportunity to save the prisoner.

In I Walk the Line, the game begins with a quest called “M’Ap Tann Pelen”. You will need to follow the Grand Imperial Mall’s route, or GIM as it is commonly known. The Voodoo Boys will be scolding you for wasting your time and wasting resources once you get there. At the same time, two Voodoo Boys will be watching the Animals.

The Voodoo Boys fight is inevitable in the game. Cyberpunk 2077 will force you to choose between violence and peace. You can make the decision, but it’s always good to keep a weapon in your pants for protection. If you’re into grinding experience points, killing all of the Voodoo Boys will earn you a high level.

I Walk the Line vs Placide

This mission starts after M’Ap Tann Pelen. The player must follow a pathpoint to the Grand Imperial Mall (known as GIM in-game). There, two Voodoo Boys will watch over the Animals. The game will tell V to follow the route he sees, and then face Placide. After Placide scolds the player, V can proceed to the Grand Imperial Mall.

The next mission is slightly different. You need to free two Voodoo Boys prisoners. To do this, you need to take control of the NetWatch agent and use her tech to capture two Voodoo Boys. If you can get rid of the malware, the Animals will not attack you again. The agent will also release the Voodoo Boys runner and the Maman Brigitte, as well as let the Animals know you’re friendly.

Next, you will need to enter the cinema via the elevator shaft on floor 2. The cinema is closed behind you. To reach the second floor, you must climb the elevator shaft. Enemy patrols will actively search for you. You must reach the second floor without being noticed by enemy patrols. You will need to perform a system diagnostic if you fail this mission. During this time, you’ll need to avoid the Voodoo Boys who have planted a virus on you.

There are no important choices in “I Walk the Line” that affect future missions. The decision made in this mission determines how each mission ends. Choosing one side or the other can lead to an aggressive NetWatch Agent, hostile Voodoo Boys, a Boss Battle with Placide, or a peaceful exit from the Chapel. Another option is to kill all Voodoo Boys. This is a great option for earning experience points and challenging others.

In the next mission, the player must confront the agents and kill the Voodoo Boys that are nearby. Players will be able to take their bodies and loot them after they are killed. Players can then pick up clothing, weapons attachments, and other components. They will eventually reach the main chapel, where Placide awaits them. This is the final mission in the game and is a must-have.

Cyberpunk 2077 – I Walk the Line – NetWatch Or Voodoo?
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