Dak Prescott Is Not an Exception to the Randy Gregory Contract Clause

You’ve probably heard about the randy Gregory contract clause. You might be wondering if Dak Prescott, Zeke Evans, or other rookies are exceptions to it. But the truth is that they are not. They all have some version of the clause. But there are some exceptions. Dak Prescott is one such exception. That’s right, Dak Prescott is not an exception to the randy gregory contract clause.

Randy Gregory’s contract clause is standard in every Cowboys contract

Although the contract clause in Randy Gregory’s contract was a standard clause in all Cowboys contracts it isn’t clear if it was added to make him a free agent. As the NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported, Dallas thought Gregory’s camp was trying to single him out, so they decided to add it. Many believed Randy’s camp was trying use the clause to quit the team. But Hill’s comments were solid.

According to Yahoo! According to Yahoo! Gregory’s agent didn’t like the clause, and RG eventually signed with Denver. The clause didn’t become effective until the 2019 season when RG was signed to a new contract by the Broncos.

Until this point, the Cowboys had never used the clause. This is true for every Cowboys player except Dak Prescott. Although the Cowboys have not used this clause in the past and have not yet fined any player, Gregory’s departure is a major blow to the Cowboys. Gregory won’t be available to the Cowboys as a pass rusher.

It is crucial to understand the contract’s terms. It makes sense to keep a free agent clause in any contract that has a player opting out of it. Both sides have the chance to renegotiate. Gregory can always leave if the deal does not work out. Gregory can leave without having to resign. The Cowboys will pay the difference if he leaves.

Gregory signed a contract with the Cowboys in January. However, the deal has since been canceled. Although the Cowboys official Twitter account acknowledged the deal in a tweet on January 1, Gregory is now free to sign with the Denver Broncos. The new deal is reportedly worth the same as Gregory’s deal with Dallas, with $28 million guaranteed in the first two years.

Dak Prescott is an exception

Dak Prescott is an exception to the Dak Prescott contract clause. The Cowboys slipped this clause into Prescott’s contract at the last minute. The NFL suspended Gregory for six games in January, and the Cowboys were not going to give up on the star quarterback. The clause is still important to Dak Prescott, and many Cowboys fans.

While Gregory was the top edge among UFAs in free agency over Chandler Jones, he did not sign a contract with the Broncos. Gregory was highly praised for his leadership with the Cowboys after his departure. However, the contract language that led to the team dumping Gregory was one of the reasons for the rift between the two sides. The clause is also standard in all Cowboys contracts, but not in those of other teams.

The Cowboys’ front office must have been under pressure to sign a player who could help them win in the playoffs. Randy Gregory was a key part of the Cowboys’ defense and it’s impossible to replace him without a defensive end. Dallas would have to gamble on Dorance Armstrong blowing up and Dante Fowler playing at his best. The Dallas Cowboys should have stayed with Randy Gregory.

Gregory was resigned by the Cowboys at the beginning of free agency. Tuesday was the day of the announcement. As an exception, it is likely that the Cowboys will not sign Gregory for a longer term. The reason is simple: Gregory hasn’t played a full NFL season yet. He tied his career record with six sacks in his last season. He recorded 19 tackles and 17 quarterback hits. Gregory has 16.5 sacks across 50 games.

Aside from the contract language, Gregory’s attitude towards the Cowboys was wrong. Gregory refused a Cowboys contract extension, citing the Dallas Cowboys contract clause. Instead, the Denver Broncos offered him the same contract as Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys took the opportunity to troll him on Twitter.

Zeke Evans is an exception

The Denver Broncos signed Randy Gregory, a free agent defensive end, to a five year contract. The deal was announced Monday night after the Dallas Cowboys tweeted about it on Twitter. Soon after, reports surfaced that Gregory had withdrawn from the deal. According to ESPN’s Ed Werder the Cowboys had included salary-forfeiture language in the contract. This led Gregory to reverse his decision. The Denver Broncos felt confident enough to offer Gregory a five-year contract without adding any additional language to the deal.

Gregory has had a turbulent offseason. Gregory was originally projected to be a first round pick. However, he was suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy and his conditional reinstatement. Gregory was finally reinstated on September 7, 2020 and was granted a roster exemption for six of his first games. Gregory was injured in practice in November and was put on injured reserve. He missed the next month. Gregory still managed to record six sacks in 12 games, and a career-high of five tackles.

Dallas’ reversal of the contract decision is the result of the Cowboys’ tinkering with the contract language and the fact that another team needed an extra pass rusher. Gregory would have been a great addition for the Cowboys’ pass rush. However, he is still in a contract that protects him, and this may make him a less desirable option than the Broncos hoped for.

The Eagles are not the only team looking to add a slew of players to their roster this summer. The Cowboys are also interested in signing Chris Godwin to a long-term deal. He will be better than Derek Carr or Dak Prescott no matter how long he plays. Gregory, unlike Derek Carr and Dak Prescott, had off-field problems. However, he has made strides and already has 22 pressures and four sacks in the Cowboys’ first season.

Dak Prescott isn’t an exception to the randy-gregory contract

The Dallas Cowboys know Gregg is in trouble and have made an unexpected addition to their contract. This makes Dak Prescott the ideal candidate to be the exception. Gregory’s contract, which is worth $70 million, was snuck in by the Cowboys at the last minute. The Cowboys can walk away from Gregory if he is suspended for any reason, even if he violates the league’s substance abuse policy. However, it’s unlikely that the Cowboys will let Gregory walk away from the deal.

While the Dallas Cowboys had the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the contract with Gregory, they didn’t. Gregory criticised the Cowboys’ ownership as well as the Joneses during free agency. After his departure, he praised the Cowboys’ leadership. Gregory signed with the Denver Broncos because the Cowboys wouldn’t allow him to negotiate on his terms. Gregory was critical of the Cowboys and the Joneses during free agency. His contract clause allowed the Cowboys the right to claim bonuses if Gregory was suspended. Dak Prescott’s contract doesn’t have a similar clause. It’s hard not to disagree with his decision to sign with an organization that doesn’t value him.

Dallas has a clause that allows the club to withhold money from a player if he is fined by the NFL. Gregory left the Cowboys for the Denver Broncos, and now the Cowboys have a new quarterback in Dak Prescott. This clause also allows the team to cut Gregg’s salary if he’s fined by the NFL.

If a quarterback is unable to get a new contract, his value is devalued. The Cowboys could have saved some money by signing him earlier. But they also lost talented players with leverage. The next quarterback to sign a new contract will be paid a higher salary. The Cowboys could have chosen a lower deal for Prescott, but they did not.

Dak Prescott Is Not an Exception to the Randy Gregory Contract Clause
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