Dave Colescott

Dave Colescott

David Colescott is a physical therapist specializing in seating and positioning. He practices at Harborview Medical Center’s Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program.

Dave was a former high school basketball star who went on to play four seasons for North Carolina University. He was selected in the seventh round by the Utah Jazz.

Early Life and Education

Dave Colescott was born on August 16, 1957 in Marion, Indiana and is a former college basketball player who currently works as the Vice President at Hanes Brands Inc.

He was selected by the Utah Jazz in the 7th round of the 1980 NBA Draft and has since worked in various industries across America, currently residing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

At Marion High School, Colescott achieved unparalleled success as the Giants’ all-time leading scorer (694) and free throw maker (22). He set school records for most points scored in both a game and season, as well as winning two state titles and being named Mr. Football.

Professional Career

Following his impressive career as a professional basketball player, Dave Colescott pursued legal work. His practice encompasses labor and employment law, business law and civil litigation.

He provides advice to clients on corporate governance and securities regulatory matters, such as the continuous disclosure obligations of public issuers. Furthermore, he assists companies with the formation of private and public offerings of securities, financings and mergers and acquisitions.

Colescott is a member of the firm’s Technology practice. He assists start-ups in launching and growing their businesses, giving them the resources necessary for global expansion.

David enjoys training and rescuing dogs of the Bull Family as well as volunteering and leading in his community in Vermont. When not working, David enjoys travelling and taking tropical vacations with his wife Helen.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Colescott is an esteemed leader in his field with an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit. These include being an effective communicator, master coalition builder and master process developer.

One of the most impressive accomplishments was founding Wendy’s, now known as the world’s largest hamburger restaurant chain and having operated for more than half a century.

He was honored with the SCIAC Distinguished Service Award in 1985, given to those who embody the SCIAC spirit and dedicate themselves to promoting collegiate sports on their campuses. Furthermore, he served on the Chapman University Board of Trustees for over a decade, serving on its Executive Committee for two decades as well.

Personal Life

Dave Colescott, despite his success as a painter, had numerous health issues. As a junior he injured both his elbow and knee; later in life, he experienced tendonitis in both legs.

Colescott suffered from chronic headaches that necessitated him to take medication and restrict his activity level. Despite these setbacks, he managed to win two state titles with Marion High School by playing in both seasons’ final game.

He is renowned for his paintings that feature figures of African-Americans and other people of diverse backgrounds. His pieces often incorporate black and white figures within one composition, sometimes wearing different clothing styles or wigs.

Net Worth

Dave Colescott is a painter with an estimated net worth of $20 million. His paintings often address social and political themes, with work featured in collections around the world such as the Art Institute of Chicago, Whitney Museum of American Art and National Gallery of Art. In addition to painting professionally, Colescott serves as Vice President for Hanes Corporation.

Colescott earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in painting and drawing from Berkeley, as well as fellowships to study in Paris. During World War II, he served in the Army and has taught in Egypt; furthermore, he is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Additionally, Colescott became the first African American to exhibit their artwork at a solo exhibition at Venice Biennale.

Dave Colescott

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