Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig – Hot Rod Designer

Dave is a hot rod designer and the proprietor of his own custom car restoration shop with his wife Charity since 1999. Together they have built an empire from their small business venture.

Dave’s design operations method involves creating intentional spaces. These include team pods surrounded by whiteboards with a high-top desk in the center, which promotes communication and collaboration.

Early Life and Education

Dave design is a New York-based creative designer that began his career there. His passion for design can be seen through his work, striving to combine modernism and traditionalism into one cohesive look that feels cozy yet still youthful.

He has also been an influential voice in education, founding MindDrive to promote place-based learning through design thinking. With a special interest in environmental awareness and outdoor education, David Emanuel recently wrote Childhood and Nature: Seven Design Principles for Place Based Learning which details some of his most innovative ideas. Furthermore, David featured prominently on ITV’s ‘Day in the life’ episode “A day in the life of David Emanuel” as well as Time of Your Life’s “House of David Emanuel”.

Professional Career

Dave design is an experienced architect with expertise in residential, multifamily, and neighborhood design. He has collaborated with multiple production homebuilders and developers, forging strong partnerships between architects and owners during the design process.

Dave brings to his projects an expertise in pedestrian and bicycle planning, constructability knowledge, public facilitation skills, creativity, and technical proficiency. His portfolio includes parks, greenways, trail planning, streetscapes across America; he strongly believes in design as a process that can enhance quality of life while creating positive economic impact. Furthermore, Dave is a design educator as well as on the executive boards for several STEM organizations such as MindDrive in Kansas City Missouri.

Achievements and Honors

Dave has earned numerous awards and honors throughout his career, many related to art and design.

He is renowned for his passion and skill at designing and crafting unique automobiles. A true artist, he has received many accolades for his designs.

In 1999, Dave design launched his business and today it is flourishing with him doing what he loves – designing.

He enjoys spending time with his wife who shares his passion for cars. Together they have two children and take pleasure in doing things together that bring them a great sense of satisfaction.

Personal Life

Dave Design loves spending time with his wife and family when not designing cars. He and Charity have two teenage children, Baylee and Drew. When not designing vehicles, Dave enjoys hanging out at home.

Dave loves to write and draw in his free time. His artwork has been featured in graphic novels, computer games, as well as live theatrical installations.

He is also known for his short films, such as The Week Before and N[eon]. His latest project is based on the play Wolf’s Child which is being developed with Wildworks Theatre Company.

He has a passion for car design and creates unique artwork from them. Additionally, he enjoys building custom motorcycles. Working alongside him are talented individuals who help him keep his designs fresh every time.

Net Worth

Dave Kindig is a reality TV star renowned for his unique designs. His net worth estimates range between $3 million and $4 million dollars.

Dave is the owner and operator of Kindig-It Design, a company that specializes in car design and customization. Each vehicle they transform costs upwards of $200,000 and takes weeks to complete.

Dave also makes money from his daughter’s clothing line. In 2022, his total net worth was estimated to be approximately $3 million.

He is an American citizen and was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Married to Charity Kindig, they have two children.

Dave Kindig

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