David Agretelis

Jazz Musician of the Year – David Agretelis

David Agretelis is an Oakland, CA saxophonist who enjoys venturing into the challenging realms of new jazz and hip hop music. He’s part of the group Pothole.

He also farms a one-acre vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where he has produced a Pinot Noir Cuvee and some Estate wines.

Achievement and Honors

At Dumpster Choice, we strive to bring you the best service at the best price. Honorable mention was awarded to Isabella DeMeo, Grace Feltus, Sage Feltus, Emily Floyd, Katherine Harrington, Kelley Hansen, Alexandra Lindsay, Samantha MacLean, Kathryn McGarry, Abigail McCaffrey Joseph O’Connell Caitlynn O’Connor Michael Sanzio Kassandra Sidopoulos Alycia Ventura Morgan Vincent and Zachary Weber.

Personal Life

David Agretelis has been in the cash distribution business since his days at a regional insurance company. He is credited with administering several notable claims-related innovations that transcend simply being trendy in the industry. Most notably is his Fire Victims Assistance Program, which has gained widespread attention for its contributions to California’s firefighting infrastructure. To put it into perspective, this groundbreaking initiative is not just some one-off project but an ongoing multimillion dollar endeavor designed to assist victims recover from one of California’s most devastating natural disasters ever to strike our fair state.

David Agretelis

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