David Concool

David Concool

David Concool is a doctor with more than 43 years of healthcare experience, currently affiliated with Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola and Baptist Hospital.

He is a board-certified Ophthalmologist who specializes in treating astigmatism, cataract and senile cataracts. His patients have consistently given him glowing reviews. Currently he practices at 876 Gulf Breeze Pkwy in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Early Life and Education

David Concool was born on April 4, 1955 in El Segundo, California as the youngest of three children. His father was a retired military officer and his mother an educator. At San Diego State University he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. On July 4th 1956 he wed Barbara Joan Derwin; however they divorced two years later (1969) leaving him with two sons.

In 2011, Concool was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing his former roommate to death. On Monday, prosecutors sentenced him to 13 years in prison after accepting no contest to voluntary manslaughter in exchange for having no contact with Dukes’ family while serving his sentence. Stacy Dukes, Stacy’s brother, expressed dissatisfaction with the verdict and asked why it should have to pay for such a terrible act.

Professional Career

David Concool began his professional career as an assistant coach at Gonzaga University. In 2006, he was drafted third overall by the Charlotte Bobcats and spent two years there before joining Los Angeles Lakers as a reserve player. Since then he’s gone on to coach for Houston Rockets and New York Knicks teams.

According to Deputy District Attorney Pat Carey, Concool was sentenced to 13 years in prison for stabbing his roommate to death on March 30, 2011. As part of a settlement with prosecutors, Concool entered no contest on a voluntary manslaughter charge in Torrance Superior Court and was allowed to speak with family members before being taken away. Police investigations revealed that Dukes lived with Concool in Torrance and they had been forced into engaging in homosexual sex acts.

Achievement and Honors

David Concool is an astute consumer. He recently scored two tickets to his local basketball team’s annual charity game and was informed when the school asked him to help out with a fundraising game night fundraiser. Over the course of about 40 hours of labor, he made several key contributions to their winning team. Furthermore, David enjoys collecting sports memorabilia and keeping an eye out for great deals at auctions.

Personal Life

On March 25, a Torrance man accused of killing his roommate revealed to detectives that the other person forced him into performing sexual acts. David Concool, 22, sat hunched over in his chair Thursday as the sheriff’s detective recounted this confession during his preliminary hearing.

At a meeting between James Floyd Dukes, 41 and Concool, 51, with a 5-inch blade at 165th Street and Firmona Avenue in Lawndale, court testimony revealed, the latter was repeatedly stabbed multiple times with the blade. Prosecutors claimed Concool set up the meeting spot hoping Dukes would return his car; upon arresting him near there a short distance away he was sentenced to 13 years in prison – with permission to speak with Dukes’ family before sentencing. Deputy District Attorney Pat Carey confirmed Monday afternoon that Concool had pleaded no contest in Torrance Superior Court to voluntary manslaughter charges as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

Net Worth

David Concool has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Last week, he was arrested for the stabbing death of James Floyd Dukes, 27-year-old who lived with Concool in Lawndale and where they frequently engaged in sexual activities. Additionally, Concool took Dukes’ car without permission, according to court records. On Monday morning, Concool was charged with second degree murder in connection with Dukes’ passing; during his preliminary hearing it was revealed that Dukes made him engage because he was broke and needed money for rent.

David Concool

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