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Celebrating Hanukkah With David Fuchs

When it comes to celebrating Hanukkah with your family and friends, there are plenty of ways you can show your enthusiasm for this Jewish holiday. You could say things like, “I’m so looking forward to Hanukkah!” or “Hanukkah is truly one of the most special days of the year!”

The Maccabees rose up against the Seleucid empire and their efforts to rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem were celebrated as a miracle. Yet Hanukkah is an intricate tale, filled with tragic ironies and intricate plotlines that weave throughout.

Early Life and Education

David holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and education, as well as an MBA in marketing. After teaching math for nine years, he transitioned into writing. To date, David has created 280 books across various genres such as Jewish holiday books, science biographies, economics biographies, picture books and more – totalling over 280 titles!

He has written several biographies of baseball players such as Lou Gehrig, Gertrude Ederle, Satchel Paige and Roy Campanella for older readers. His most recent book features Tommy Duncan – a 13-year-old living in the Bronx in 1940 – who lives with his family until he graduates.

The Hefters’ Chanukah House is a beloved gathering spot for neighbors and visitors to enjoy their Hanukkah decorations. Featuring an oversized menorah, large Jewish star and inflatables such as teddy bear wearing a sweater decorated with colored lights and spinning dreidel toys, the home provides something for everyone on this festive holiday.

Professional Career

In 2016, Dave Grohl and a group of collaborators created an unforgettable live event that combined music, visuals and plenty of swagger. As the name implies, this evening was a tribute to the beloved holiday, with attendees of all ages being treated to an electrifying musical extravaganza featuring performances by P!nk, Karen O and Jack Black. The event also featured several surprise guest stars, including Greg Kurstin – producer and musician extraordinaire! On Saturday night, Grohl’s daughter Violet and other family members and friends joined in celebrating with them. Of course, as befitted a night out on the town, there were also some glasses of champagne in order to toast everyone’s success!

Achievements and Honors

Today, Jewish children light menorahs, spin dreidels and enjoy potato pancakes or jelly doughnuts as a celebration of life’s ironies, heroism and brutality. But this holiday also serves to reflect upon how complex life truly is: full of ironies, heroism and brutality.

Rabbi Scott Kramer of Agudath Israel Etz Ahayem Synagogue likens Hanukkah to David and Goliath, when Judah and his four brothers led an uprising against the Syrian-Greek empire during antisemitism and religious persecution. Ultimately, their victory over the Greek-Syrian army saved their people from total destruction.

On Sunday evening, Cornell Hillel and Chabad at Cornell joined him to celebrate Hanukkah on Ho Plaza. To mark this special occasion, Roald Hoffmann, Cornell’s Nobel laureate in chemistry, lit an ice menorah that will be used on both the first and eighth nights. Skorton received the honor on Dec. 9th as the guest lighter of the first night’s candle, followed by Hoffmann on Dec. 9.

Personal Life

David Fuchs was raised with an enthusiasm for Hanukkah from a family that took it seriously. Over time, he’s built some stunning things for his Brooklyn residence, including a massive menorah and several inflatable Hanukkah-themed decorations.

The most remarkable part of this display is that it all began with some creative thought and plenty of alcohol. Tinsel and dreidels may be expected, but what makes this display truly special is that everyone in the family can enjoy it. Paying homage to an age-old Jewish saying, “the best way to get something for nothing is by giving it away,” the Fuchs have come up with several inventive ways to spread holiday cheer this season.

David Fuchs

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