David Hoem

David Hoem, the Man Convicted of the Murders of His Girlfriend’s Sons, Was Sentenced to Life in Prison on Tuesday

On Tuesday, a Dane County judge sentenced Madison man David Hoem to life imprisonment for murdering his partner’s two sons.

He pleaded guilty to strangulating both boys after collecting them from their father’s residence last July and leaving them in his Covance parking lot car until their bodies were discovered at 2:39 a.m. that same morning.

Early Life and Education

David Ho was born in Taichung, Taiwan and immigrated to Los Angeles at age 6. Throughout high school he attended school there before finally graduating.

Earning his undergraduate degree from California Institute of Technology (1974) and medical degree from Harvard University-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Dr. Aaron Diamond became the founding Scientific Director for Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center before going on to Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons as Professor.

Hoem was charged Wednesday with suffocating Kevin McArthur, 4, and Kemaury McArthur, 3. Additionally, authorities allege he placed their mother into an extended chokehold lasting between 30 seconds to one minute during an argument between themselves and Hoem, authorities alleging.

Achievement and Honors

David is a highly accomplished individual with an impressive list of accolades and accomplishments, being named 2011 Cedar Hill Chamber Man of the Year and serving on both Economic Development Corporation and Education Foundation boards in Cedar Hill.

He stepped up and was honored with IMRA’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for his efforts in marketing, social media strategy and technology acumen. Additionally, he has been an unwavering volunteer, giving both time and money towards community service programs of IMRA. It was no easy task choosing only one award recipient among all of his skills and achievements; thanks to him Cedar Hill is now an even better place for living and working! He truly deserves these honors and truly made Cedar Hill such an enjoyable place.

Personal Life

On Tuesday, Madison man who was charged with strangling two young sons of his girlfriend will never be eligible for parole. Dane County Court gave him two life terms.

Police allege a 28-year-old man stole three boys from their father on July 5, saying they would go shopping. Instead, he drove them all the way back to Milwaukee where he stayed with another woman until eventually turning himself over to Madison police.

Police monitored Hoem’s trip via his cell phone and discovered he left his grey Volvo near a medical testing laboratory on Madison’s east side, with its back seat filled with clothing and bags according to police.

Kemaury McArthur and Kevin McArthur’s bodies were found inside the car by investigators, according to Captain Joe Balles of the Indiana State Police on Wednesday. Both died due to compressional asphyxiation – medical terminology meaning that their bodies were squeezed until suffocation occurred – according to Captain Balles.

Net Worth

David Hoem is not only a successful businessman but also has amassed an impressive net worth. A self-made man, David built his fortune through hard work and entrepreneurialism – earning substantial fortune from both professional career income as well as real estate sale proceeds. Owning property in Manhattan as well as renting beach space to generate rental revenue have all contributed to this estimated $207 Million net worth (SEC filings). We present his full bio here so you can learn more about him personally as well as current and past income, assets, liabilities.

David Hoem

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