David Khodadadian

David Khodadadian

David Pakman (david khodadadian in public parlance), is an Argentine-American host and adjunct professor at Boston College.

Progressive independent, he discusses news and politics from a social justice angle. Additionally, he has appeared on Expert Village and eHow.

Early Life and Education

Born in the United States but his exact date of birth remains unknown, he enjoyed a strong family background and financial security that enabled him to pursue his dreams with confidence.

David began as a firefighter before transitioning into a side job as a landscaper and eventually becoming an established business owner. Additionally, David is a great family man and takes great pleasure in spending time with his children.

He’s also an Oregon Ducks fan, as well as enjoying recreational ice hockey – making him one of the premier sports enthusiasts in his town. Additionally, he holds one of several records for most goals scored within two months of a season’s starting out.

Professional Career

David is known for his distinguished and successful career in business, marketing, human resources, and safety. He has worked in various capacities with Fortune 200 companies. David is also known as an author; his books and on-line audio/video series about career realities has received critical acclaim.

David is an expert at helping people take control of their careers and find employment. He possesses a special talent for teaching people what they excel at and finding work that fits perfectly with both personality and skill sets. With thousands of clients assisted through his coaching techniques, David believes the key to a successful career lies in setting realistic goals while striving to do what makes you truly happy – goals set on being what one loves to do most and with doing things you excel at doing them best!

Achievement and Honors

David Khodadadian is renowned for his many accomplishments and honors. He has collaborated with numerous organizations such as National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Restore the Fourth Animal Rights Group.

He also has an unparalleled passion for Christian higher education, devoting much of his life and energy towards helping students fulfill their dreams and thrive in life.

He was an Orange County College (OC) professor of film and media whose passion and dedication inspired students and helped them win recognition at various independent film festivals.

Attracting his loved ones was of great importance, and he enjoyed spending time with them. Additionally, he enjoyed reading, traveling and outdoor activities like hiking or hunting; in his leisure time he could also be found watching movies or playing cards with his friends.

Personal Life

David Khodadadian is an influential American social media influencer with a substantial following on YouTube.

He is an avid sports fan and follows the San Francisco 49ers closely. Additionally, he loves ice hockey.

David enjoys sharing his passion for nature and outdoor activities with his family. He enjoys hunting, fishing and camping.

He is married to Lacey Dobrik and together they have an adorable daughter named Julia Mimi Bella who was born on 1 September 2016.

Net Worth

David Khodadadian has become an extremely successful celebrity thanks to his hard work and devotion, reaching unimaginable heights of success in life.

He possesses many sources of income and thus ranks among the world’s richest individuals. Additionally, his rise to fame and inclusion on celebrity lists have only seen him become wealthier over time.

He has an estimated net worth of $4 Million due to his career as an interior designer and appearances on HGTV shows, cookbook publishing income streams and appearances at fashion shows.

David Khodadadian

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