David Regelin

David Regelin – A Tribute to the Multi-Intenso Experience

David was a pioneering teacher who pioneered the trend of choreographed vinyasa classes set to live music. His “Multi-Intenso” experience quickly gained a devoted following in New York City.

David’s lifelong reflection and exploration into the transformative effects that yoga can provide have led him to develop an increasingly refined understanding of how asana (postural) practice can promote profound mind-body awareness.

Early Life and Education

David is an accomplished yoga teacher renowned for his exquisite classes. With followers around the world, David travels frequently to teach workshops, 200 hour teacher trainings and continuing education programs. David is a highly reflective individual, always on the hunt for the next big thing in both his practice and teaching. His particular interests lie in understanding how to effectively combine form with function in order to maximize both. David has dedicated himself to understanding and translating human movement through physical and psychological sensitivity. Utilizing music and sound as tools for transformation, David strives to expand what is possible with his students.

David Rempelin is an inspiring example of a modern-day yogi who appreciates and understands the transformative powers of yoga.

Professional Career

As a young teacher, David was at the forefront of what would become an increasingly popular trend: choreographed vinyasa classes set to live music. His unique “Multi-Intenso” experience quickly gained him a devoted following in New York City.

Over time, David’s practice and teaching have evolved through intensive study with Nevine Michaan. This has resulted in a more refined adaptation of how an asana (postural practice) can create profound mind-body awareness. David’s introspective nature and ongoing personal investigation into the transformative powers of yoga has driven him to explore its physical form more thoroughly as well as its connection to psychological and emotional states. As such, David is highly sought after teacher, frequently leading workshops and teacher’s intensives around New York State.

Achievements and Honors

David Regeln has earned many accolades throughout his life and is renowned for his perseverance, resilience, humor and intelligence. An accomplished scientist with a PhD in biochemistry, David co-founded Redesign Science to focus on developing silicon-based drugs to treat diseases.

He is an experienced yoga teacher and created the Multi-Intenso experience, a technique-based vinyasa class featuring handstands. Passionate about his work, he continues to explore the transformative powers that yoga can have.

David loves spending time with his wife, Ilana Rooklin. They enjoy going out together to the movies and shows and have a wonderful relationship that supports each other’s career choices. Together they own a beautiful house in Vermont where they reside with their dogs.

Personal Life

David Regelin is passionate about the exploration and complexity of yoga practice. As a teacher, he seeks to encourage his students to be curious about their bodies rather than becoming fixated on an idealized body image imposed by society.

His practice and teaching have been inspired by intensive study with Nevine Michaan, leading him to refine the art of how an asana (postural practice) can bring about profound mind-body awareness. Renowned for his innovative choreographed vinyasa classes set to live music, the “Multi-Intenso” experience was a must try – this elegantly sequenced class was demonstrated and narrated by internationally acclaimed New York City yoga instructor David Regelin in his living room.

David Regelin

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