DECA Virtual Business Challenge – Hotel Management

The DECA Virtual Business Challenge (VBC) challenges students to manage a simulated hotel business. The participants have to set room rates, make bids for group sales, and manage staffing schedules. They will also have to monitor competitors, analyze various reports and financial information, and monitor social media feedback. The BPA competition takes place February 1, 2022 through February 25, 2022. To learn more about the DECA Virtual Business Challenge, visit the DECA website.

The DECA Virtual Business Challenge is a nationally recognized competition that requires teams to operate a computerized business simulation. The teams compete against other FBLA members nationwide. In the NLC, only the top twenty national teams advance to the final round. In the virtual final round, only one team from each state will advance. The first twenty qualifying teams will qualify for the NLC. This is a national championship event for high school students.

In order to qualify, students must be enrolled in an eDynamic Learning program. The company sponsors the Virtual Business Scholarship Challenge. The competition is a computerized version of the real world. In this game, students take on the role of a hotel manager. To qualify, they must demonstrate their knowledge of business principles. The competition is open to students across the country. The winners will be announced in May. The winning team will be recognized with a certificate of participation in the National Business Simulation.

The National Business Challenge is open to all collegiate teams and is free to enter. No registration is required for students to participate in the competition. The competition is handled at the national level by VBMC. The SLC combines classes in Management, Introduction to Business, and Information Technology. The goal of the competition is to have student teams manage a simulated hotel business. Those that are nationally ranked can compete in the National Leadership Conference in May. Each state is allowed to send only one team.

The SLC is a national competition for teams from high school. Its goal is to encourage students to become managers by introducing them to real-life businesses. The SLC qualifies teams for the National Leadership Competition and is open to all collegiate students. The competition is managed by a volunteer team of VBMC members. The SLC is an excellent way to build skills and build connections between the various disciplines.

In the SLC, teams must operate a computerized business simulation. The NLC qualifies teams by combining the scores from fall and spring competitions. The top twenty national teams will compete at the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in July. The NLC will be held at the national level, where the top two teams from each region will be chosen. The contest is open to all students in colleges and universities throughout the United States.

The NLC qualifies teams from any college or university. The top twenty teams in each region will be determined by the number of teams that qualify from each region. The teams must be registered with their local chapter and participate in regional competitions. Once qualified, team members cannot compete in other events. These regional competitions are held online and are a great way to engage students in a competitive environment. The event is also open to students who are enrolled in the National Leadership Council.

The NLC is an official competition of the DECA. The competition is based on the VBC-Personal Finance Online simulation, which is an online game that helps students learn financial skills. It also provides the opportunity for student-to-student interaction and networking. The DECA Virtual Business Challenge is sponsored by Knowledge Matters, a leading provider of career-based simulations. The competition is open to teams from all over the nation.

The National Leadership Challenge is open to any team and is conducted on the internet. Its qualifiers are selected based on their results at regional, national, and international levels. The top eight teams in each region compete at the NLC to determine their national leadership. The top 16 teams in each region will compete at the ICDC. In the fall and spring competitions, the top sixteen (16-ranked teams will be invited to the final.

DECA Virtual Business Challenge – Hotel Management
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