Dental Assistant Salary in New Jersey

New Jersey’s average salary for a dental assistant is $40,230. The highest earners make $46,370. The lowest 25 percent earn an average of $33,990. The state is expected to add about 300 new jobs for dental assistants per year between 2012 and 2022. These jobs will mainly be replacements but over 45 percent will be growth jobs.

New Jersey’s dental assistant salaries are generally higher than those in the rest of the United States. In 2014, the highest paid areas were in Essex, Hunterdon and Morris. The top 25 percent earned less than $36,260, while experienced professionals earned $42,855 per year and $50,305, respectively.

Although the average salary for dental assistants is not the same across the country there are several ways to increase your income. You can increase your salary by changing employers, getting an advanced degree, or gaining more experience in your practice. In addition to the skills needed for a higher salary, you should be able to show the practice that you are an asset and that you contribute to its success.

Dental assistant salaries are dependent on experience, education, and credentials. Another important factor is the location, as rural practices tend to pay less than those in urban areas. Dental assistants who work in a specialty practice are likely to earn more. Specializations, such as oral surgery, require a higher level of training and education. It is important to feel at ease in your current job, and be recognized for your efforts.

Dental Assistant Salary in New Jersey
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