Deshaun Watson Wearing a 49ers Jersey

There has been a lot of talk about Deshaun Watson wearing a 49ers jersey this season, and for good reason. The 49ers have a crowded wide receiver class, and Watson is a top target for defenses. He’s also the most dynamic offensive lineman in the NFL. What does Watson’s jersey actually mean for the team? Let’s take a look at his stats and see why they matter.

Deshaun Watson

It is possible that Deshaun Watson could wear a 49ers jersey. Although the no-trade clause of his contract was not changed, the front office clearly felt frustrated by the process of hiring a new general manger. The Texans’ season was nothing short of terrible, and Bill O’Brien got fired mid-season. According to reports Watson was frustrated by the selection process for a GM and the team hired Nick Caserio, a former New England Patriots director in player personnel, to do so.

Although Watson was not indicted by the grand jury for sexual misconduct charges, the NFL will likely reach an internal agreement to suspend Watson. The team is attempting to portray the trade as part of the Grand Theater of free agency. The situation is not over. While the NFL has said that it isn’t pursuing criminal charges against Watson, there are ongoing civil lawsuits filed against him by at least 22 women.

Watson has not been traded by the 49ers, but he doesn’t rule out a possible trade with another team. Despite the allegations against him, he has not yet played a single snap for the Texans. Multiple reports claim that Watson’s top choices for services include the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and the New Orleans Saints. The team has yet to reach a deal with Watson and expects to announce the news tomorrow.

Although the 49ers aren’t actively seeking Deshaun Watson, they are making it clear that they would love to acquire him. They don’t want him to trade because it would signal a lack in trust in Trey Lance. The final decision will be made by Deshaun Watson about his future. And whether or not he ends up with the 49ers or not will be determined by the next GM.

Nick Bosa

The possibility of Deshaun Watson signing with the Niners has not been ruled out. It’s not yet clear if the 49ers plan to hold meetings with Watson, but they could still do so if the situation turns out to be positive. Watson would likely sign with the 49ers after the conclusion of the ongoing investigation into his sexual assault. If he is cleared to play, the Niners could make a trade to get him.

Many have speculated that Watson’s decision to wear a Niners jersey was motivated by the possibility of playing in the team’s divisional round match. Although the Texans have not yet decided whether to trade Watson, they have been trying to reach an agreement. Several teams have been linked to the free agent running back, including the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Texans. While the Saints and the Texans are frontrunners, Watson said he would not consider any team that has not already met with him.

Watson is a fan favorite, despite the controversy surrounding Watson’s number choice. His high-flying abilities are synonymous with the number 4. Many believe the 49ers have been a fan favorite for some time, and Watson was just the right fit for the team’s scheme. His high-flying, fearless attitude and ability to score touchdowns have made him a beloved teammate.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Deshaun Watson, it is clear that the quarterback is disgruntled with his current organization. His Twitter rant is the latest in a string of negative remarks aimed at the Texans’ front office. On Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Watson’s displeasure level with the franchise has reached a “10” level. The 49ers are expected to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo ahead of the league new year.

Houston Texans

According to reports, the San Francisco Niners could sign Deshaun Watson. Watson is uncooperative and dissatisfied with the Texans. He is upset because he was told by team brass that he would be involved in offseason changes, but he isn’t returning calls. A 49ers insider believes Watson could be the guy to replace Jimmy Garoppolo this year.

The Niners seem to not be actively seeking Watson. They would have to create a convincing atmosphere and convince the Texans they are a legitimate destination for trade in order to get Watson. Watson would then have to tell Houston that he will waive his no trade clause if he plays for SF. Houston may not be willing to trade, even if the 49ers offer a starter-level athlete in return.

The Texans have been a disappointment to Watson, but the franchise’s dedication to Garoppolo has remained unshaken. The 49ers’ front office insists that Jimmy Garoppolo will become the starting quarterback in 2021. While the Texans have made it clear they want Watson, they haven’t made the right choice for him. He was also selected with the No. 12 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. This led to confusion about the direction of the franchise, and Watson was content to sign a big contract extension with the team. The Texans may keep Davis Mills, who exceeded expectations during his rookie season.

In the meantime, the Texans would be likely to receive multiple first-round picks in return for Watson. The Niners do not have a first-round selection in 2022 or 2023. They traded up to draft Trey Lance in 2021 NFL Draft. The 49ers cannot trade Watson unless they get three first-round picks. While three first-round picks would be a nice haul for the Texans, it would cripple the franchise for any interested team.

San Francisco 49ers

Deshaun Watson may soon be seen in a San Francisco Niners jersey, according to rumors. In recent weeks, the Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has been linked to the 49ers, but the team denies it. The rumors were made public on Twitter, however, by Albert Breer. This tweet has a couple of interesting facts. First, Watson is in the running, but the Texans are not willing to give up draft capital.

Watson has been linked to two Super Bowl MVPs. Jimmy Garoppolo is one of them. Watson is still a former Clemson star. He is also dating Jilly Anais, a model who posted photos of them at a game in Atlanta. Watson has been a fan since freshman year of college, so it’s not surprising that he wore one.

Watson’s possible departure from the 49ers is another interesting story. Although there are reports that Watson is being considered by the 49ers, they do not want to be involved in unnecessary drama. The team is content with Trey Lance at the moment and doesn’t plan to trade Watson. It is possible that Watson could be retained by the team if he meets with them. It will depend on Watson’s desire to play, if the 49ers decide to trade Watson.

The team has lost key players from their defense, in addition to Watson’s recent success. The 49ers reached the Super Bowl thanks to their defensive line. The team’s success in 2019-2020 NFL season was also due to the importance of the defensive line. The new quarterback, who has been criticized for his lack of success in the past, is expected to continue to perform at an elite level.


The San Francisco 49ers recently traded wide receiver Deshaun Watson to Houston. Watson posted photos on Instagram of himself wearing new Cleveland Browns jerseys as well as a 1946 throwback. He also showed off a folded Atlanta Falcons jersey. It was rumored that Watson was in talks with the Falcons prior to his trade. However, it is too soon to speculate. Deshaun Watson is likely to be wearing the same jersey as his former Clemson teammate Steve Fuller.

While the San Francisco 49ers did not schedule a meeting with Watson to sign him, they could strike a deal soon. Most teams will wait until the Deshaun Watson situation has been worked out. The new league year begins on Wednesday, so the 49ers must move quickly to sign their top free agents and extend existing contracts. They might trade Deshaun Watson if he stays to get a better quarterback to help their offense.

The Texans have a lot of picks to choose from, and they can plot the future of their franchise with the picks they received. The Texans will not be drafting a quarterback, but they may consider keeping Davis Mills, who exceeded expectations in his rookie season. They may also want to keep Davis Mills, if he continues to improve his game.

Watson is not being pursued by the Texans, which means he’s not a feasible target for a trade. To get Deshaun Watson, the 49ers would have to create a convincing environment. For that, Watson would have to promise Houston he will waive his no-trade clause if they sign him to a deal with SF. This is unlikely to happen unless the 49ers are able to prove their worth as a quarterback.

Deshaun Watson Wearing a 49ers Jersey
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