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Diane Oliver – A Phenomenal Writer

Long before Jordan Peele made his mark with his movies, an unsung short story writer named Diane Oliver had written poignantly about racism in suburban America. Her poignant tale “Neighbors” depicted one family’s efforts to integrate their school.

Oliver’s writing reflects the social realism championed by Zora Neale Hurston and James Baldwin without ever being didactic or preachy.

Early Life and Education

Diane Oliver was an author who found inspiration in those around her. Born and educated in Charlotte, North Carolina she began writing short stories at an early age and would become one of America’s premier authors during her lifetime.

Oliver didn’t become widely-known until after her untimely death in a motorcycle accident in 1966, though her famed story, ‘Key to the City,’ first published in Red Clay Reader II was already well established at that point.

Oliver joined St. Catherine University in Rochester, NY as Senior Vice President for Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs and Co-Provost in 2022, where she oversees a division that ensures quality programs and student research projects. Additionally, Oliver is also a member of the American Academy of Religion.

Professional Career

Diane Oliver graduated with a Dietetics degree from the University of Delaware in 1996, becoming a registered dietitian. After working in different locations for some time before returning home to Delaware she is deeply connected to its community and loves being part of it.

After gradually making her transition to film, she quickly appeared in some major and critically acclaimed movies such as Walter Hill’s rock ‘n roll fable Streets of Fire and Francis Ford Coppola’s troubled cotton epic The Cotton Club. However, soon afterwards she would make some high-profile critical and commercial flops including Touched by Love, Cattle Annie and Little Britches and Movie Madness which had little commercial appeal at all.

Only recently did critic Michael Gonzales discover and write about her work for his Bitter Southerner column. Through these pieces he brought this previously unknown author back into public consciousness for a new generation of readers.

Achievement and Honors

Diane Oliver uses various mediums and draws inspiration from her faith to guide her work. She believes her God-given talent is essential for success, hoping each piece she creates will serve as a meaningful present to someone special.

Oliver spent her childhood living in Charlotte’s Black middle class during the 1940s and 50s, an experience which she later documented through short stories. She was accepted to University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop but tragically passed away after being involved in a car accident prior to graduating; nevertheless her posthumously published stories “Key to the City”, “Health Service”, and “Neighbors” would soon follow.

This movie tells an intimate and captivating tale about a family struggling to integrate their neighborhood while fighting racism from Jim Crow erasure, with parallels found throughout Jordan Peele’s films. It will certainly resonate with fans.

Personal Life

Diane Oliver was an incredible mother who always put the needs of her family first. She provided incredible support to both her daughter and grandchildren, cherishing every minute with them. Additionally, Diane was known for having an infectious laugh and being great fun to be around.

She grew up in segregated South and attended University of North Carolina Greensboro (then known as Women’s College). Upon graduation, she won a scholarship and attended Iowa Writers’ Workshop where she published four short stories – including “Neighbors”, which won O Henry Award.

She was an active member of her church and served on various committees. As an advocate for those less fortunate, she was highly passionate about her work – an exceptional individual whom will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Net Worth

Diane is an exceptional American figure who has received tremendous acclaim for her contributions in the music industry. She first released Rhythm of the Night as her debut single back in 1983 before joining UK music giant EMI and continuing her musical journey.

Lowenstein Sandler also employs her as an experienced attorney, where she practices commercial transactions and data privacy law. She frequently drafts and negotiates technology licensing agreements, master service agreements, developer agreements, e-commerce transactions, as well as other complex legal matters.

She boasts an extravagant car collection which includes a Lamborghini and other luxurious models, and lives at Southern Pine Ln in Sarasota, Florida with an estimated net worth of approximately $110 Million. Additionally, she remains very close to both family and friends.

Diane Oliver
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