Did Basil Help Sunny Kill Mari?

Did Basil help Sunny Kill Mari? Well, this is a question that has plagued people for many years. It’s been a popular theory, but few people are entirely sure what really happened. It was that Sunny killed MARI with BASIL. Although they were not on good terms, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a lot in common. After all, Sunny was a good friend of BASIL’s and he was very likely afraid of his actions.

Basil was twelve years old when Mari was killed. He doesn’t understand the reason why Sunny was angry and why Mari was pushed down the stairs. He doesn’t believe they were arguing about a different topic or that the argument occurred at the wrong time. Sunny was responsible for the act. As such, Basil was probably unable to protect himself and his sister from the guilt of this action.

But the question of why Sunny didn’t fake the suicide is also intriguing. Her first response was “Please wake up!” In a desperate effort to save Mari, he reacted immediately. After he had apologized, he put Mari back in her bed. Mari didn’t wake up, and Basil had to order Sunny to drag her body outside. He grabbed a jumprope and hung Mari.

Understanding the motivation of SUNNY to hurt MARI can help solve this mystery. It is possible that the reasons were entirely different. Mari was always there for SUNNY. However, SUNNY’s frustration with her led to the accidental death of his sister. MARI’s death left SUNNY depressed and paralyzed with guilt. This was due to the guilt-inducing pressure that SUNNY felt.

Did Basil Help Sunny Kill Mari?
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