Did DbD Help Make Identity V?

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Did DbD contribute to Identity V? It’s an interesting question that many people have been asking lately. It’s not surprising considering it has crossovers with Silent Hill as well as an anime side. Identity V’s developers are extremely creative and have allowed the game to use some of DbD’s mechanics and lore.

Identity V was originally created as a mini-project called “Dangerous Game” for the purpose of training new employees at NetEase. The developers spent 1.5 months developing this game, but didn’t recognize the long-term thematic problems that remained. They were preoccupied with the gameplay aspect, and didn’t realize that the game would end up being much more than a battle royale. In contrast, Identity V has a solid setting, depicted like a mystery novel.

Since its launch in 2007, Dead by Daylight is a very popular game. It has also inspired several clones, including the much-anticipated Identity V. Although they share many similarities, there are also a few significant differences. Here are some:

Did DbD Help Make Identity V?
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