What Is the Difference Between Beer Drip Trays With and Without Drain?

Beer Drip Trays

When it comes to the places where food and drinks are served, one of the most important tasks is to assure cleanliness and safety. Fortunately, today there is a lot of different equipment, which helps to keep the establishment clean. One of such helpers is a bar drip tray, which has become irreplaceable for bars and pubs owners.

What Is a Beer Drip Tray and Why Do You Need It?

A drip tray is an appliance, which was created as an addition to the beer dispensing mechanism. This appliance is used to keep the bar counter surface clean and dry, which allows the bar or pub to meet the established hygiene standards. What is more, the use of a drip tray helps to keep the appearance of the bar or pub tidy, which allures customers.

Although there is a wide diversity of beer drip trays (various forms, styles, used materials, color, etc.), there is one working principle common for all drip tray types:

  • Drip tray is placed under the beer tap
  • During the pouring process, liquid or foam often spill and a drip tray catches it
  • Drips, which stay on the beer tap, also drains into the drip tray
  • Peculiarities of Drip Trays with and without Drain

Drain, which is used in the functioning of a drip tray, has the same working principle as a standard drain system. Thus, the drain is an appliance, which makes the liquid run out from a certain container, leaving it dry and empty.

So, beer drip trays with a drain are considered to be self-clean equipment. All foam and drips trapped into the drip tray do not stay there but go out through the drainage system. As for drip trays without a drain, they accumulate liquid. So, it is necessary to clean them by hand.

Of course, drip trays with a drain are more expensive and require more effort for installation. Though, it is worth it because such drip trays will save your time and effort later.

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What Is the Difference Between Beer Drip Trays With and Without Drain?

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