The Different Criteria You Must Consider Before Buying a Tarp


A tarpaulin or a tarp is a big, strong, flexible, waterproof sheet. Among various other scientific inventions, the tarp has been one of the most innovative creations. Usually, they are used for covering something and giving protection to goods against the weather elements. You get various types of tarps in the market. But when it comes to buying a tarp for your usage, you might often get confused about what to choose and what to ignore. Before you pick your tarp, it’s crucial to decide upon the purpose you want to use it for. Different kinds of tarps are made to be used for different purposes. So, you have to be sure about your purchase. Else, you will end up buying the wrong product and wasting money. Here are some of the criteria you must consider before commencing your search for the perfect tarp.

Waterproof properties

If you intend to safeguard something from rain and moisture, you can opt for water-resistant tarps. But if you want complete protection against water, look for wholly waterproof tarps.


The capability of a tarp to hold together when force is applied determines its strength. The weaving method and the manufacturing process define a tarp’s strength. Heavy-duty tarps will hold against harsh weather conditions like fierce winds and give you the needed protection.

Abrasion resistance

A good quality tarp possesses the ability to resist tearing and splitting due to sharp edges. Canvas and vinyl tarps are popular among buyers because of their high abrasion-resistant characteristics.

Corrosion resistance

Tarps are highly resistant to corrosions caused due to harsh sun rays, chemicals, acids, oils, etc. Tarps are coated in a definite way to give you the needed resistance to different kinds of product degradations.

Added features

Be it ready-made or customized tarps, they come with many added features. In the case of custom-made products, you get to choose what you actually need. Grommets, rope construction, tie-downs, special coatings, and accessories are among the many other features a tarp can have.

Types of tarps available in the market

  • Mesh tarps

Mesh tarps allow the passage of sunlight, moisture, and air as they are made with breathable materials. They are mainly used to contain debris, cover pools, carry lightweight goods like wood shavings, etc.

  • Canvas tarps

Canvas is a sturdy material. The tarps that are made with this material can be treated with waterproof coating if needed. Canvas tarps are mainly used to cover outdoor furniture. They can also perform well as ground covers.

  • Vinyl tarps

These tarps are robust and are thus perfect for industrial usages. Vinyl tarps can withstand any weather conditions that too for a long period without showing signs of damage. People use vinyl tarps as their windscreens (clear tarps), for awning, roof leak diverters, salvage covers, etc.

  • Polyester tarps

Tarps are also made out of polyester. They are lightweight and are best for temporary usage.


Often you will find tarps segregated according to the purpose they serve, for example, fence tarp, sports tarp, pool tarp, truck tarp, and so on. If you want to buy for such purposes, you will not have a tough time choosing the right one. Else, opt for a customized tarp to get what you require.

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The Different Criteria You Must Consider Before Buying a Tarp

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