What Are the Many Different Types of Flags That Exist Today?

Types of Flags

The flag of the U.S.A started off with just thirteen stars during 1777-1795. However, by 1960, this number rose to fifty, when Hawaii was officially recognized as a fiftieth state.

If fun flag facts like these intrigue you, then stay tuned! We’re about to explore the various types of flags that exist and the functions they serve.

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National Flags

Perhaps, the most popular and well-known types of flags that exist are national flags. These flags represent or symbolize a country. The Danish flag, or the Dannebrog, attested in the year 1478 is the oldest rendition of a national flag that is still in use today.

Furthermore, this flag featuring a white cross against a red background inspired the designs of its fellow Scandinavian countries that also feature crosses on their flags.

In addition to these, various states also have their own flags. For example, the roman empire flag and Texas have its own lone star flag.

Maritime Flags

Flags used at sea are maritime flags. However, a national flag used at sea is called an ensign. A peaceable ship visiting another nation flies its ensign along with the flag of the destination country (courtesy flag) at the mast.

If a ship does not fly a courtesy flag alongside its ensign while along foreign waters, it indicates hostility. However, yacht ensigns are different from merchant ensigns.

In addition to these, ships also use semaphore flags to communicate with each other when necessary. Here, information is deciphered based on the position of the flags.

Sports Flags

Given the ease of understanding associated with a flag, many find use in various sports. For example, penalty flags indicate that a foul has been committed in American football. Similarly, in golf, holes are usually marked with a flag.

Most Sports Clubs also have their own flag with the logo or symbol of the club on the front, against the backdrop of their theme colors. You can often spot fans waving these flags at sporting events in support of their clubs.

Pride and LGBTQ+ Flags

The rainbow flag is used to represent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer pride, and their various associated movements. Members of the LGBTQ+ community, along with their allies can be spotted with these pride flags representing their support.

Since its origin, there have been other iterations of the flag, including more specific flags for the lesbian, trans, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, intersex, nonbinary, genderfluid, genderqueer and other communities.

How Many Types of Flags Do You Know?

Today, various types of flags exist, each serving a different purpose. Some flags represent countries, while others represent gender or sexual minorities. Some flags represent political parties, while others represent sports clubs. Find a flag that intrigues you and learn more about its history, today!

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What Are the Many Different Types of Flags That Exist Today?

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