What Are the Different Types of Termites That Exist Today?

Different Types of Termites

Not all termites hatch equally these days! Some aren’t even considered threatening to homes.

If you suspect you have a termite infestation it’s in your best interest to call an exterminator no matter what kind of termites they are. No one wants uninvited guests in their homes, especially bugs!

That’s why we’ve created this guide on the different types of termites that exist today. Continue reading to find out what they are!

1. Subterranean

There are at least seven different types of subterranean termites found in the US.

This type of termite includes the Eastern subterranean termite (most common in the US), Formosan subterranean termite (an invasive species in the US).

As well as the Dark southeastern subterranean termite, Light southeastern subterranean termite, Western subterranean termite, Arid land subterranean termite, and Desert subterranean termite.

These termites nest in soil and then move upwards to feed about wooden structures within homes.

These types of termites form large colonies. This makes them particularly destructive to homes.

2. Drywood

There are three common species of drywood termites in the US.

These include the Southeastern drywood termite, West Indian drywood termite, and Western drywood termite also known as the desert drywood termite.

These termites are only found in the southern portion of the US. These types of termites nest in the dry wood found in wood structures, frames, and flooring!

They receive all their nutrition from wood and don’t require moisture from the soil to survive, unlike other termites. Drywood termites can create more than one colony in a home, making them incredibly destructive.

Drywood termites aren’t typically found in the northern states because of the cold. However, they can survive in the right conditions.

3. Formosan Termites

Formosan termites, a type of subterranean termite and an invasive species to the US can be easily distinguished from other subterranean termites by their darker, yellow-brown color.

Their oval-shaped heads also make it easier to distinguish them from the rectangular-shaped heads of Eastern subterranean termites. These termites are one of the most aggressive and destructive types of termites.

Mostly found in the southern United States, these termites are known for destroying wood by tunneling through walls like other termites.

However, just one Formosan termite colony can potentially house more than 10 million individual termites. The sheer amount of termites in one colony alone can destroy a residence.

If you suspect this type of termite infestation please look for termite inspections as soon as possible.

Understanding the Different Types of Termites

Understanding the different types of termites can help you determine how urgently you need to call an exterminator. We recommend always calling an exterminator regardless of the type of infestation you may think you have!

These professionals can give you an accurate diagnosis as well as help you decide on the procedures you need to do to eradicate the infestation, and precautions you can take to keep from enduring another infestation.

If you found this information helpful, please check out the rest of our site for similar tips and tricks!

What Are the Different Types of Termites That Exist Today?

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