Different Types Of Water Pipes – Ultimate Guide

Different Types Of Water Pipes

A water pipe is just another name for a glass bong. Bongs are sought-after because they deliver the best cannabis hit. They enhance the smoking experience by providing potent flavoring and an even stronger inhale.

Since bongs are a go-to for cannabis consumers, they come in various shapes, styles, and designs. From minimalistic to multifunctional, there is a creative bong design for every purpose. 

If you are just entering the world of bongs, or are an experienced user looking for detailed info, read below. Our water pipe guide will teach you all about the types of bongs and which one would suit you most! 

Different Types Of Water Pipes – Ultimate Guide

We can classify bongs through the different styles, materials, shapes, and aims. If you are looking for prime examples of the best water pipes, know that you can find HQ bongs on Olofly

Now, let’s get into the most basic bong classification:


Glass bongs are a favorite among smokers. A glass bong takes the throne regarding cannabis smoke performance. Glass bongs may be made from delicate glass, but if they are pricier, they can be very durable. 

Glass bongs can be long-lasting if they are made from thick glass. Plus, the glass can come in many shapes and designs. Did you know that some bongs made from borosilicate glass have lifetime warranties? 

In addition, with a glass bong, you will get the smoothest smoking experience. 

The only downside to glass bongs is that they are fragile and harder to clean. Glass bongs are also the priciest. 


A silicone bong comes in handy if you need a bong that is no hassle to clean. Another benefit is their portability. 

Silicone bongs are nearly unbreakable, and you can fold them. Because they are foldable, you can wash them in the dishwasher, simplifying the cleaning process. 

While silicone is a cheap material, investing in a high-grade silicone is more than worth it. That way, you’ll get a device that is safe to smoke out of and durable when combusted. 

Some other benefits of silicone bongs include the wide assortment of options, the straightforward cleaning process, the sturdy material, and the reasonable price. 

The downsides to silicone bongs include less percolation, small stature, and inability to accessorize. Overall, 


Metal bongs look good if used as ornaments, but regularly using them is not the best idea. These bongs are not very popular, but they are cheap. However, they are not worth buying as metal can influence the taste and smoothness of your cannabis hit

The worst part about metal bongs is that they are not see-through, so it isn’t easy to establish whether they’re due for a cleaning. 

A pro to metal bongs is their durable material. In addition, you can accessorize them to look however you like.


The ceramic bong is one of the most old-school bong types. These bongs were the most popular choice before glass water pipes entered the scene. 

There are numerous designs, and surprisingly, ceramic bongs are highly affordable. Besides being the oldest bong type, ceramic bongs offer an excellent smoking experience and smooth hits. Ceramic bongs are also bigger, more durable than glass bongs, and less sensitive to temperatures.

The only downside to ceramic bongs is that they allow less percolation, are not see-through, and can’t be accessorized.


Acrylic bongs are not the most popular choice because they are made of rigid plastic. Acrylics might also influence the smoothness and taste of the hit.

On the other hand, one benefit of an acrylic bong is that they are incredibly cheap and get the job done when there is no other smoking accessory around. 

An acrylic bong is the best choice if you are an occasional cannabis user. They are also the most versatile in colors, shapes, and designs. 


Bamboo bongs are most present in Asia. A bamboo bong looks good, but it is not long-lasting. The material is not very durable, and it can influence the taste. 


Wooden bongs are good-looking, but they don’t last long. The material can get damaged after not too many light-ups and uses. 


Plastic bongs are the cheapest types of bongs. The plastic ruins the dry herb’s taste, and the bong is prone to damage. 


A beaker bong is recognizable from the beaker-shaped, broad base. A beaker bong is the usually seen bong type in a stoner’s home. 

Because of the beaker shape, this bong is very stable and reliable. Beaker bongs also allow larger hits, and you can accessorize with percolators. 

Straight Tube 

A straight tube bong is just like the name suggests – a straight tube. Unlike beaker bongs, this type of bong doesn’t have a wide base.

Straight-tube bongs are thicker than other bong types and are also more durable. They are taller and can feature percolators and ice catchers. 


A percolator bong contains a percolator within the structure. The percolator helps cool down the cannabis smoke and allows smoother hits. 


A bong that has more than one chamber is called a multi-chamber bong. The chambers transfer the smoke one to another. The aim is to purify the smoke and make it more fantastic. 


Bubblers are smaller bongs that are also travel-friendly. They resemble smaller water pipes accessorized with a bowl. 

Bubblers are convenient because they allow the smoothness of a hit while offering ease of use, just like the water pipe. 


A large bong is better suited for at-home use. Bigger bongs are the top choice for when you have friends over. 

They are also considered party-sized. With this type of bong, everyone gets a turn. 


Medium bongs are the best of both mini and large bongs. They can be used for at-home occasions and are travel-friendly. 


Mini bongs produce a strong hit and are best suited for travel individuals. They are portable and discreet. 


Homemade bongs are bongs made from home appliances, food, and random objects. The most popular options include the apple bong, the water bottle bong, the pen bong, and a plastic cup bong. 

Conclusions: Types Of Bongs 

We’ve come to the end of our bong guide for beginners! As you can see, bongs are as versatile as they come, and you can find them in the most unimaginable shapes and sizes.

Whichever you opt for, make sure your bong choice reflects your likes and aesthetic preferences. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is getting the hit you desire.

Different Types Of Water Pipes – Ultimate Guide

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