6 Different Ways to Express Your Style This Summer

Express Your Style This Summer

Summer is the season to celebrate all things in bloom, including your fashion sense! As you spend more time outdoors, you want to look your best for social events and outdoor activities. You also want to incorporate self-expression into your summer style. Here are six ways to express your style this summer while also staying cool.

1. Dress The Part

An easy way to incorporate a sincere sense of appreciation for the summer season is to dress the part during the summer. While you might be layering up in the winter, summer calls for less layers. Just because you may be losing some of your stylish layers in the summer, this doesn’t mean your personal style has to go out with them. Integrating prints and fabrics representing the summer season that also match your style is a great way to feel dressed up and stylish even during the hot months. Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt with an ocean wave printed on it or tucking a flower behind your ear, you’re using your sense of style to celebrate the season. For more ideas, think of floral tops like Hawaiian shirts, pastel boardshorts, and flip flops with printed palm trees on them to bring your look together.

2. Find Your Accessory

Summer is a vibrant season, making it prime time to get wild with accessories and colors that you typically don’t wear during the colder months. Got a pair of fruit earrings? Wear those and your oversized sunglasses for a summer look that is 100% authentically you.

If sunnies and earrings aren’t your jam, try a metallic bracelet to add some shimmer against the sun. There are a million different warm-weather accessories to play around with, and see which ones make you shine like the summer sun.

3. Sport Your Shorts

Shorts are a wardrobe staple of the summer season. There are many different styles of shorts to consider, and you might like Bermuda, mid-length, or super-short.

Whatever style you prefer, make sure that the fabrics you choose are lightweight so that you can stay cool during the summer. Go with lightweight denim or cotton shorts for breathable wear that will keep you cool and comfortable while still rocking in style!

4. Flowy Bohemian Skirts

On the days you feel like dressing up, go with ankle-length flowy bohemian dresses or skirts in light hues like pastel pink or shimmery silver. Pair yours with a crop top or lace camisole underneath for a whimsical look perfect for the summer season. Go with gladiator sandals or flip-flops for footwear to bring the look home. If you need to carry anything with you, choose satchel-style bags or totes to maintain the laid-back vibe of your outfit.

5. Nails And Hair

The summer is all about celebrating new beginnings. Take a chance on a new hairstyle and get your nails done! Consider glowing tones like golden honey highlights for your hair and copper-colored polish for your fingers and toes. Let your hair and nails shine and gleam in the summer light with these ideas. This summer, dare to be bold!

6. That Summer Hoodie

Everyone has a beachy summer hoodie to wear on windy afternoons and evenings. Wear your summer hoodie over your bathing suit at the beach, or pair it with shorts for a casual dinner. Go with light and moody blues or hoodies representing your favorite vacation spot. These cozy summer staples are always in style!

The Bottom Line

Expressing your style this summer means incorporating elements of the season that feel authentic to you. Regardless of the fashion trends this summer, you need to stick by your style sense and wear the clothes and accessories that make you feel your best! Consider integrating some of the fashion ideas above to make this summer a fashionable one!

6 Different Ways to Express Your Style This Summer

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