Discover the Most Luxurious Travel Trailer of 2022

Luxurious Travel Trailer

Are you looking to buy a luxury RV in 2022? Shopping around for one of those types of trailers can get exhausting. There are so many features to learn about that you may even get confused about what you want most in a trailer. Well, look no further. 

Read on to discover the most luxurious travel trailer on the market this year. 

Luxury Travel Trailers 

Luxury RVs are the future of camping as you know it. The term glamping was coined when people started purchasing nicer RVs, parking them at luxury campsites, and proceeding to “camp” there for the duration of their trip. These campsites would have all of the hookups you could ever want. Plus pools, spas, gyms, recreation centers, and typically a grocery store not too far away. Out of this wave came the desire for luxury travel trailers.

People started to want a way to experience these luxuries and not be hindered by a campsite. It is one thing to stay in a nice RV on a luxury campsite. It is another to explore the country in a luxury travel trailer.


This is where Bowlus comes in. This RV brand was the first aluminum travel trailer and quickly became known as the luxury RV for any camping enthusiast. This still rings true today as Bowlus is the leader in RV luxury, technology, and performance. With incredible detail, the engineers have crafted their RVs to be the perfect choice for any type of adventurer. 


Like any good RV company, there are a few models from which you can choose. Everyone is different. Some people like exhilarating adventures with cliff jumping and kayaking. Others want a relaxing getaway to read books and explore national parks. Whatever type of adventurer you are, Bowlus has got you covered with three different models. Endless Highways, Endless Highways Performance Edition, and Terra Firma. 

Endless Highways 

The Endless Highways is their baseline model, but it is no consolation. With features like a cellular booster, private wifi, doors that separate the bedroom, main cabin, a bathroom, and lithium iron phosphate power. This luxury travel trailer is a step up from anything you have ever seen before. Oh, and did I mention it has heated floors? That feature alone makes it the perfect winter travel companion. 

Endless Highways Performance Edition

If you thought the Endless Highways couldn’t be better. You thought wrong. With all of the amazing features that the Endless Highways model offers, the performance edition adds a couple of key things you may not be able to go without. 

With the performance edition, you are getting two long skylights (with optional covers) in the main cabin, an external pull-out kitchen with outlets and propane, and the ability to charge your electric vehicle. 

Terra Firma 

For those of you who want the whole nine yards. This is the trailer for you. Including all of the features that the previous two have to offer. The Terra Firma goes above and beyond expectations. With dining for four, a luxury shower that extends to the outdoors, a TV, and spacious storage. You could spend two weeks out in the middle of nowhere with fully functioning appliances before needing to head back for a charge.


Perhaps the best part about these trailers is not that they are the pinnacle of modern camping luxury. It is that they are sustainable. The designers at Bowlus painstakingly mull over every single detail. Ensuring that you get a product that is thought through and better for the environment than any other option. They do this by using the best materials, ensuring water efficiency, and perfecting the design. 


The key to sustainability is sourcing the best materials the right way. Bowlus seeks out non-toxic materials that are durable and long-lasting. Their aluminum shell can be cleaned and buffed for decades. The wood comes from fast-growing tree plantations, and unlike other RVs, they do not use any glues throughout the process. So, when you purchase one of these, you can have confidence that it will last. 

Water Efficiency 

They have also worked hard to engineer a trailer that maximizes water efficiency. So you can live longer off of the grid without having to waste more just because you are traveling. This is possible with instant hot water heaters and a low-flow flush toilet. 


Every part of the design of this RV is meticulously built with the consumer and the environment in mind. So you get a product that you will love for the rest of your life, and the environment doesn’t have to suffer for it. 

The Look 

On top of this being the most luxurious travel trailer on the market, it just looks incredible. The external aluminum shell is reflective and gorgeous. The interior is warm and complementary to the natural light from the windows and skylights. It truly is the best all-around RV. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in the market for a luxury travel trailer, there is no better option than the Bowlus. 

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Discover the Most Luxurious Travel Trailer of 2022

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