Doll Chateau Charon and Pluto

doll chateau charon and pluto 46492

Doll Chateau has released the limited edition Charon and Pluto. Both are limited editions, so you will need to act fast to get yours. The price for each is $229, but they are available at a reduced price during the ordering period. During the ordering period, you can save up to 12%. In addition to the Charon, Pluto, Doll Chateau also has scorpion dolls.

Doll Chateau is a Chinese company that produces basic and limited fullset dolls. The company is known for its unorthodox aesthetic, which is often difficult to describe. Early releases came in a white box with a Doll Chateau logo and a doll bag. A CoA was included for collectors to verify authenticity. Since the release, CoAs have been a little smaller and have been protected from UV rays.

Doll Chateau Charon and Pluto
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