Dr. Julian Hosp Net Worth

Dr. Julian Hosp Net Worth

Julian Hosp is a professional athlete, doctor, entrepreneur, blockchain expert, speaker and bestselling author. How rich is Dr. Julian Hosp?

Author. Born on February 3, 1986 in Mils, Austria. Dr. Julian Hosp net worth is estimated at around 4 million euros. After high school in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, he continued his medical studies in Innsbruck, Austria. He has over 90,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he makes videos about Bitcoin, stocks, gold and investing. He talks about how to invest wisely and how to do it sensibly and easily.

Bourgeois name: Julian Hosp
Spouse: Bettina Hosp (married 2018)
Dr. Julian Hosp size: 1.85 m
Nationality: more Austrian
His career began: 2008

What is the net worth of Dr. Julian Hosp?

Dr. Julian Hosp is currently at € 4 million.

Books: Blockchain 2.0, cryptocurrencies simply explained, THE TIME HORIZON PRINCIPLE.
Is also often searched for: Vitalik Buterin, Nick Szabo, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Joseph Lubin.

Dr. Julian Hosp is a well-known entrepreneur who earned a net worth of approximately $4.4 million. He earns an estimated $135 to $658 per month from his YouTube channel, where he talks about investing and cryptocurrency. However, he has also earned money from various other sources, such as his writings and speaking engagements. This article will cover some of the more lucrative opportunities in Julian Hosp’s career, as well as his current net worth.

According to YouTube, Dr. Julian Hosp has a net worth of $30 million. He makes an estimated $1.2 per thousand views on his videos. His YouTube channel has more than twenty-four thousand subscribers. However, it is unclear whether or not his net worth is higher or lower than his estimated amount of money from other sources. To be more precise, Dr. Julian Hosp’s YouTube earnings come from his writings, which are mostly about cryptocurrency.

While we’re talking about his YouTube channel, let’s first consider his income. Currently, he has ninety-five thousand subscribers and a combined audience of 23.2 million. This is a relatively small amount compared to the sum of his other sources of income. However, his YouTube channel has become an important source of income for him. As such, he has a significant net worth. This is primarily due to his ability to generate massive profits from YouTube.

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Julian Hosp has been a prominent figure in the crypto industry. In his most recent project, he founded the company TenX, which collected $80 million during an ICO. Unfortunately, the company was unable to stay afloat during the crash, and his money was stolen. He eventually lost his money in the process. Although his income isn’t huge, it is still important to note that his net worth is rising.

The YouTube channel that Dr. Julian Hosp manages is a highly successful one. In fact, the video channel has generated $29,666 in monthly revenue. His videos have received more than two hundred million views combined. He has twenty-four thousand subscribers. As a result of his popularity, his net worth has grown dramatically. He has a thriving YouTube channel and a correspondingly lucrative career.

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Julian Hosp is also an accomplished YouTuber. His videos have received nearly two hundred million views on YouTube, and he has more than two hundred thousand subscribers. Despite the controversy surrounding him, the German-born Dr. Julian has a net worth of $1.6 million. The money that he makes from YouTube is mainly from advertising and video content. The website has a huge following of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

Dr. Julian Hosp is a famous YouTuber who is very active in the crypto world. He has over twenty-four thousand subscribers and has created more than ninety-two million views on YouTube. During the recent collapse of the crypto market, his ICO was a disaster. The founders hoped that he would be able to offer credit cards to their subscribers, but it failed miserably.

Dr. Julian Hosp’s YouTube channel has more than twenty-four thousand subscribers and over 23 million views. The YouTube channel was created on 2014-10-18 and has over ninety-five million views. As of the most recent, Dr. Julian has a net worth of $28 million. In addition, he has a net worth of $7 million. In addition to his YouTube videos, he also publishes several books and articles.

Dr. Julian Hosp’s YouTube channel has over nine hundred and fifty-five thousand subscribers and twenty-three million views. His videos have generated over $29 million in monthly income. Moreover, he has an estimated net worth of $7.4 million. In addition, he has a YouTube Channel with over twenty-four thousand subscribers. He has a net worth of $8m. The website of his startup, TenX, was a success in the crypto market. It promises a credit card to users.

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Dr. Julian Hosp Net Worth

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