Dragon Ball FighterZ – New DBZ Patch

The Labcoat 21 patch has caused division in the DBFZ community. The unique tool kit inflicts a permanent 21% damage debuff, a problem many players find frustrating. Players also want Labcoat to be banned, which would be a first in the game’s history. Bum163, the tournament organizer, has also expressed concern over the Labcoat 21 issue. Here are some of his observations:

– More than a dozen system modifications have been made. Players will no longer have to spend meter to perform a Z Change out. This will open up a variety of new options for players. – Gotenks’ damage to spinning tops and Super Ghost Attack Super will be decreased.

– Android 21 Lab Coat’s effects have also been reduced. Players attempting to play Android 21 Lab Coat on top level failed. Other characters will also be affected by the new patch. Although the effects of the Lab Coat will be temporary, Photon Pulse will still have a permanent effect.

– The Hors D’oeuvre Stab is now able to execute with a Kigau bar half-full. Z-Changing can now take place in mid-air with Ki gauge. – Guard Cancel has been tweaked so that players can cancel it while airborne.

– Next month, or possibly July, a new patch will be available. This new patch will add balance improvements, Android 21 and Lab Coat support, and more. This update also includes a new trailer for the DLC pack Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Awakened Warrior. This DLC pack will be available in Summer 2022.

– A number of bugs have been fixed. Super Attack is now possible even when you’re standing on top of your opponent. Sparking Blast’s cooldown is also reduced. The Dragon Ball glitch has been fixed. There are some minor changes in Z Assist.

Another issue that affected Dragon Ball FighterZ players was the rollback netcode. It caused a delay in input and lag when triggering a button. Fortunately, the new DBZ patch has resolved this issue. Existing players can get the patch for free. The latest update is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – New DBZ Patch
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