Effective Strategies for Your Law Firm to Boost its Case Count

Effective Strategies for Your Law Firm to Boost its Case Count

The success of your law firm lies in the number of cases you’re bringing through the door. You need a constant stream of new cases. That way, when you close one file, you already have another one to open and pursue.

Volume is important. It’s what pays you, your staff, and all the other overhead a solid and reputable firm requires. Of course, you don’t want more cases than you can handle competently. But you do want more than enough to thrive.

Just hanging out your shingle isn’t enough. You need intentional, focused, and solid strategies for attracting not just clients, but the right ones. Here are three strategies you should use to boost your case count to the right level.

1. Build a High-Performance Website

Your law firm’s website should be the bread and butter of your comprehensive marketing plan. Prospective clients don’t come to your office shopping like they do for a new pair of shoes. They will pull up your website to find out who you are and how you may be able to help them.

Just having a website doesn’t cut it. It needs to be designed and maintained as the centerpiece of your law firm digital marketing efforts. Google’s ever-changing algorithms are making it increasingly more challenging to earn a top spot in searches. Savvy content strategy, backlinks, and keyword optimization that keep pace is the only way you can rise above your competitors.

It’s also vital that your firm’s website be optimized for mobile devices. Especially in an emergency situation, prospective clients are likely to be using a smartphone to find an attorney. Simply miniaturizing your site doesn’t work. And if someone has difficulty finding what they’re looking for, they’ll most likely just pull up a competitor’s website.

Your website is also the perfect place to generate leads and inquiries. Just design a contact form that’s quick to fill out and captures the information you need to assess a prospect’s potential. Always devote prime real estate on your home page and every other page of your website to a contact button.

Your website should be the best marketing tool in your arsenal. Don’t let it be an afterthought. High performance requires attention and resources, but it will also yield those case counts you’re looking for.

2. Get On the Social Media Bandwagon

There was a time when attorneys weren’t even allowed to advertise. Such commercialization was thought to be undignified and corrosive to the legal system. These days, marketing is fair game as long as it’s honest and ethical. And social media is the new frontier.

Social media platforms used wisely build brand awareness among audiences far beyond where your firm is located. They are excellent outlets for you to position yourself and your practice as experts in your areas of expertise. That not only brings you new clients but also generates referrals from other attorneys.

Social media is conversational. You can engage with potential clients, answer questions quickly, and respond to disinformation. It’s also a marvelous tool for generating reviews that instill confidence among prospects. Although they aren’t shopping for a new pair of shoes, they do read ratings and reviews before choosing a law firm.

Social media can drive prospects to your website, where you have more opportunities to entice them to contact you. Publish an informative blog for SEO and let people know about it on social media to vastly expand its reach.

The nature of social media is brief, instantaneous, and conversational, even if you’re not. If you aren’t using it daily in your practice, you should be. Driving up case counts isn’t all business. It’s social as well.

3. Expedite Lead Follow Up

With a high-performance website up and running and a social media strategy in full bloom, the leads will come in. When they do, there is no time to drop the ball. Expedite follow-ups to make the most of your lead-generation efforts.

It’s very easy in a busy practice to not pick up and follow up with inquiries right away. That’s why it’s important to have someone assigned to review what’s coming in from all sources. Then, someone needs to make sure the right person follows up immediately. You wouldn’t ignore someone who walks into the office. Don’t ignore them when they make contact in other ways.

This is where you should take a page out of the salesman’s how-to book. You should categorize leads according to such factors as case potential, income, and time. Respond to questions, provide an overview of what’s involved with a case of their kind, and schedule a consultation. And if you can’t reach a good lead right away, keep at it until you do.

It’s important for you to follow up with leads whether they’re good or bad, the right fit or the wrong one. Prospects will remember how they were treated by you, even if you don’t end up representing them. And don’t be afraid to say no to a case when others are more promising. It really is OK to abandon lost causes.

An old proverb says “He who hesitates is lost.” In following up with prospective client leads, he who hesitates watches that lead sign with another law firm. Make sure you don’t let promising cases slip away.

Lift Off

You know that keeping a critical number of new cases in the queue is necessary for your law firm to thrive. You want to be able to pick and choose those that are the best fit for your practice. That means you need a steady stream of them coming into your lobby. Your firm’s website, social media presence, and lead response are three strategies that will open that tap.

Effective Strategies for Your Law Firm to Boost its Case Count
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